Friday, July 29

A few **Things I'm Lovin'* before I hit the road.

Dontcha love all the activity around here lately? If you haven't been round these parts recently, I've been posting a lot in the last couple of days. This could be for a number of reasons: 

            A) I really wanna give zee blog some lovin'.
            B) I have wayyy too much time on my hands.
            C) I'm going through withdrawl already without being able to text certain people all day because they decide to go to Canada... ahem. {hehe just kidding. But not really...}
            D) I love you guys.
            E) All the above. {I think it's this one.}

Anyhoo, before I actually head back home. I got a few summer lovlies for you!

Have you ever heard Jack and White? Just found them. Beautiful. Great summer music!

Scoot Inn Oversized Pullover

Practically everything from Free People these days... *sigh*

Cowboy boots and shorts. Perfect summer look. It's just super comfy and it's practically all I've been wearing lately... P.S. Isn't this girl adorable?

Starbucks Shaken Lemonade Iced Tea. Delicious

What are your favorite summer things?

♥ Kenzie

I told you all lies...

So, I lied. I didn't go home today. Still in Providence... :)

But I *did* go to an AWESOME show tonight. Like, these people are too cool fo school. 
Check em out:

Super glad I stayed for the show. I'm actually going home tomorrow though, after postponing my trip for a week. I really am, I'm not kidding this time. I swear. Cross my fingers, but I don't wanna die... or stick a needle in my eye.

Anyone have fun music to share?

♥ Kenzie

Thursday, July 28

It's Thursday isn't it?

I'm leaving Providence today. And surprisingly, to me, I'm a little bit sad. I've had a great time here just relaxing, which is a new concept for me in this city as I'm usually running around like a crazy person trying to get projects done. But here I am, more relaxed and feeling like myself than I have all summer. So nice. 

This is my favorite tree. Probably ever. I don't think I have ever found a tree that I stumble down the street for every time I see it. It is in Providence and on one of my favorite city streets. The street just calms me down whenever I walk it. It's not super busy, so it reminds me of home and I can get away from some of the city noise for a short while. Those fire sirens can get annoying after a while. 

I've always wanted to jump the fence and climb this tree. But I haven't on the off chance that the... police are called. So, I figured it wouldn't be a good life choice. But wouldn't it be an *amazing* treehouse tree?

Do you have a favorite place in your city or town?

♥ Kenzie

Five Things::I love about Road Trips

{from Home ♥}

I can play my music superrrrr loud and sing even louder and as bad as I want.

I can talk to myself. Oh, you know you all do it too. 
{I talk to Maurice too though - he's the moose you see in the picture.}

Get my "alone time" in. 

Drink and eat things that are really bad for me.
{because they're the "only" option. Though I really just use that as an excuse...}

I can pretend to be whoever I want to be. 
Have you ever done this? If not, I highly suggest it. Even just on trips in general. It's not that I don't want to be me, cause I would definitely be my friend. ha. But it's fun to dress a certain way and completely take on a new "identity" for a while. My friend and I did this once in Boston and though we probably sounded really stupid all day, we put on the British accent and walked proudly and talked very loudly. It was sooo much fun and so worth the sore throat at the end of the day. We laughed a lot and that's all that really matters! 

What are your favorite things about road trips?

♥ Kenzie

Wednesday, July 27

Amazing. Like, whoa.

{I'm a terrible sourcer today...}

Yeah, so I know this happened, like, FOREVER ago... sorta, but I needed to comment on it since I haven't. 

Marriage is legal for **everyone** in New York. Amazing. Simply amazing.
 So proud of my home state! 

♥ you NY, Kenzie

P.S. I'm a terrible person to talk about politics with. I'm a terrible sourcer too. I just hear/see things and I say - Oh. That's cool. So deep, I know. And if you have sources for me on anything I post - please let me know? I will be eternally grateful! 

Tea and Tell Tuesday... is postponed. for now.

... but bunny in a mug?? Sooo cute!!
{sorry I don't have a source!! :x}

My laptop sat open all night and blogger tried really hard, I swear it did, but my video has not been able to upload... sad. And I tried today too... a couple of times. I think Blogger is mad at me for some reason but I'm not going to hold this against it because we've never had an argument before, so I'll let this one slide. I know you all reallyyyy want to see my video. Like ants-in-pants excited right? 

Well, guess what? There's TWO. Oh yeah. I made two. One is the normal one and the other one is the one you really wanna see that shows you how truly nuts I am. Good stuff. Be excited.

Until the day that Blogger stops being mad at me and lets me upload my video, I'll post other good stuff. 

And just to keep you wondering, the tea I'm going to share has to do with a "weed" that nobody likes in their lawn during the summer.  Can you guess what it is?
(I love guessing games!!)

♥ Kenzie

Sunday, July 24

Traveling Lady

Apparently, I can't sit still. I left home once again to hang out in Providence with friends, get some work done and play guitar. It's been a great trip so far and I still have to fill you in on the past one! There is promise of pictures and much other lovin' in the coming week my dear readers!

And keep cool! This heat has been nutssss this past week... I suggest pool, a/c and iced tea. It's the only way to survive. And I'm in the North East! You folks down South - I tip my hat my friends... good luck.

Stay tuned!

♥ Kenzie

P.S. Is it funny that my two favorite app games are tiny tower and mob wars? I'm an odd duck...

P.P.S. That photo is from my trip to see Miss Kirsten - just a sneak peek :)

Wednesday, July 20

Shoot, I was cute...

I know what you're thinking. Who's that super adorable girl in that hot ride?
My friends, this is a much younger, less dorkier version of myself.  I grew into the dorky part quite quickly though. No worries. Although, I did stop eating soap, which was probably very beneficial to my social life... 

Hope you're having a wonderful, reminiscent day like I am :) 

♥ Kenzie

Tuesday, July 19

My stomach is making funny noises.

Guess what I'm doing tonight? Can you tell from the picture?

And it's Tea and Tell Tuesday again! And from that title, some of you might already know that I'm drinking my beloved peppermint tea. Why? {some readers might ask} Well, let me tell you:

 Peppermint tea is probably my 2nd best friend after my car {click here if you wonder what the hell I'm talking about} It solves all of my achy breaky stomach problems. {see what I did there? Went all Robbie Ray on you guys.} And because my stomach decided it wanted to talk to me tonight, I decided that it might be a good idea to brew a cup of this delicious goodness. 

I sometimes drink it after dinner too as it helps with digestion. {I think I talked about that here -- p.s. how about that model face? dayum.} 

Anyway, in other news - don't you love that photo up there? I used the ClassicTOY app on my iPad. {I swear I'm not trying to brag... but it's really awesome.} It's amazinggggg and free! It has sooo many different films and is super fun and I highly recommend it. I might carry this thing around and use it all the time instead of a camera. I think it's a good idea... although people might look at me funny... ah well.

Do any of you have this app? And what are you drinking tonight folks?

♥ Kenzie

Saturday, July 16

Posts from the road

My car and I have gotten pretty close this past week. I mean, we always have been with all the traveling we do together {home to Providence, Prov to home} but this past week has been insane. I have lots of pictures that I need to share but for now, here's a photo of my other companion, Maurice. He's been traveling with Max {car} and I for a few years too.

I promise I'll be back in a day or two and you'll be overwhelmed with photos and stories, but until then, I may need to recover a bit...

♥ Kenzie

P.S. I've got a wicked trucker tan. On my left arm and leg. I know. You're jealous...

Thursday, July 7

oh HEYYYY :: Good News

I just mayyy be the new DIY writer over at We Heart This!  I'm partnering up with Miss Kirsten in the DIY department - it's so fun! I'm really excited and I've been waiting until my post was up to break the good news. If you haven't checked out We Heart This you definitely should because it's pretty amazing :) 

Hope you all are having a great Thursday!

♥ Kenzie

I feel like a little bit of a geek today and I'm okay with it.

Oh yes. It's that time again. Time to pick out those lovely awkward moments and awesome moments of the week. And share awkward photos of Mackenzie with the rest of the blogasphere. Cause awesome ones aren't as fun. {P.S. Like my snake puppet I made freshman year? I forgot his name... oops}

   - I just used the word "blogasphere" {I don't think it's actually a real word either... must ask Webster}
   - Having someone talk to you in Spanish after a full year of not speaking it and even though you were once fluent, all you can answer is "si" cause you're too nervous... I feel so cool. 
   - Being run out of the woods by bugs. My mom and I ran all the way to the car. It was insane. 
   - Seeing a person that you met once, a year ago, making full eye contact for 30 seconds and still not knowing if it's that same person... I still don't know... 
   - "Can you give my number to your friend for me? But if she doesn't want it, feel free to use it." Um. No. Thanks?
   - My snake puppet's bubba gump lip. He's too cute. And p.s. that's his tail in my other hand. haha

   - I'm going to see Miss Kirsten in 2 dayssss! {I'm obviously really excited... especially because I keep talking about it.}
   - Finally figured out the singing part to a cover I've been working on. Yesssss.
   - Raspberries. One of my favorite summer treats.
   - Seeing old friends that I haven't seen for years! It's so nice to reconnect with people you used to be so close with. 
   - Ice cream dates with your best friend every Wednesday. That may have been my best idea to date. 

What's been awkward and/or awesome in your life lately?

♥ Kenzie

Wednesday, July 6

Five Things

There are sooo many great DIY books out there and it's hard to choose sometimes! I have a few here that I own and a few that I found recently at Barnes and Noble that would find a warm welcome on my bookshelf. Here are the five I love:

Sew U

I loveeee this book. It's any woman's guide to sewing your own clothing. Any woman. Even if you haven't sewn *anything* before! That's what I really love about it - about half the book is teaching you the basics of sewing - the terms, the skills and how to think about customization. In the last half of the book there are three different pieces - a skirt, a blouse and pants - and each have multiple ways to customize them and make them your own. It also helps you plan your projects with project cards and patterns. It's a great book and highly recommended if you would like to learn to make your own clothes and either are a complete beginner or have been sewing for a while. 

Generation T: Beyond Fashion

I just picked this one up and it's great! I have the first one too but I think they did a reallyyy great job on the second one. It's not just transforming tees into girl's clothing, although there still is a lot of that. It's guy's clothing, pet accessories, car accessories, kid's clothing, home decor, etc, etc. In other words, it's got a lot of ideas and good ones - and they're all made from t-shirts and are very simple!

Printing By Hand

Okay, so I might be partial to this because I'm a textiles students but I love this book. I don't own it but it would be a great one to have even though I have learned a lot of this in school! It teaches you how to print... by hand, obviously, but it gives you different ways you can use the fabric and how you can apply the techniques to actual products. So you're not just making loads of really pretty hand-printed fabric, you're seeing how it can be used as a final piece. Love it. This is definitely on my wish list. 

P.S. I Made This

Erica is a fellow blogger and fabulous at DIYs. I really love how simple her projects are and how she lays out the whole DIY on one page. She finds inspiration from high end fashion or home decor and makes it with very inexpensive materials. {You'll never look at the dollar store the same.} This has been on my wish list ever since I found it in our school store.

Craft Wisdom & Know-How

Most of the DIY books that I like have been a little favoring sewing and fabric {just a little} but this is where the tables turn a bit. This book is full of *so* much stuff that I don't think I can buy it because I would have too many ideas. It is 480 pages of small print explaining sewing, knitting, paper crafts, woodworking, glasswork, jewelry, pottery, candle-making, etc. It's insane how much craft goodness is packed into this thing. There are projects but it explains the basics so you can take those skills anywhere! I love books like this. I have a book by the same publishers {they have a series of these Wisdom and Know-How books} and it's so great. They really tell you everything you need to know.

 What are your favorite DIY books? I'd love to find more for my wish list :) 

♥ Kenzie

Tuesday, July 5

Tea and Tell Tuesday

Today's tea: Chamomile. with brownie on the side.

I love me some chamomile tea. When I was in Peru, we had it every day - cold and warm. So, the smell and taste reminds me of the week I spent there every time I make it. It's a super happy memory. 

The brownies were sitting on the counter right below the microwave. Why my mom had to make them, put them there and tempt me is beyond me, but it happened. And the brownie went down nice with a bit of warm tea. Yummm.

In other news: today's events involved housework, going on a hike and getting chased out of the woods by bugs {literally mom and I ran to the car} and making yummy pasta with yummy sauce for dinner. 
It was an eventful day.

Oh and I'm super obsessed with a new guilty pleasure tv show - Heartland - a Canadian drama about a horse ranch. Basically the characters are living my dream... 

What are you drinking tonight?
♥ Kenzie

Monday, July 4

Things I'm Lovin'

Happy 4th everyone! Here are some things I've been lovin' lately :) 

I loveeeeee maxi dresses. So comfy. And this is just beautiful.

I just got this from Limette a few weeks ago and I'm in love.

DIY from Lune. I've been wanting to make a dreamcatcher...

This DIY from Honestly WTF.  I mean, how perfect are these for summer?

Loveee these shoes. Would fall over instantly, but I love them.

Charming Microchip Hair Clip

This is a hair clip. But not any hair clip. A microchip hair clip. And it is adorable. And $3? Um, yes.

This shawl - I reallyyy want a shawl lately.
{found here. from here.}

If you've been around here long enough, you know my boot obsession. And these are incredible.
{found here. from here.}

Anddddd I'm going to visit Miss Kirsten this coming weekend!! I'm sooooo super excited about that! Can't wait to get on the road!

What are you lovin' this week?

♥ Kenzie