Sunday, July 24

Traveling Lady

Apparently, I can't sit still. I left home once again to hang out in Providence with friends, get some work done and play guitar. It's been a great trip so far and I still have to fill you in on the past one! There is promise of pictures and much other lovin' in the coming week my dear readers!

And keep cool! This heat has been nutssss this past week... I suggest pool, a/c and iced tea. It's the only way to survive. And I'm in the North East! You folks down South - I tip my hat my friends... good luck.

Stay tuned!

♥ Kenzie

P.S. Is it funny that my two favorite app games are tiny tower and mob wars? I'm an odd duck...

P.P.S. That photo is from my trip to see Miss Kirsten - just a sneak peek :)

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