Thursday, June 30

Awkward and Awesome Thursdays

   - Made strawberry jam this week with my mom and friends.
   - Rode a mechanical bull for the first time ever. 
   - Went to Lake Placid and hung out with my dad all weekend. 
   - Got a sweetgrass candle and my room smells sooooo good.
   - Moccasins. They're just amazing.

   - I got a new phone/lost all my contacts therefore every time someone texts me, my response is: That's cool. Who is this? 
   - Wearing sports clothes/pjs/messy hair/probably smell cause nobody really looks nice in Keene, NY right? It's an outdoor place so I don't have to look good... whoa that is a cute boy... hide... trip... hide again.
   - Riding a mechanical bull at a bar on a Wednesday night. 
   - Telling my mechanic he should have me on speed dial since I've been there three times this month. 
   - Almost hitting a turkey on the way home from Lake Placid - they are hilarious. You should probably watch this video to understand why I laughed so hard - this is the best video I could find of one running. I didn't get attacked like this guy though haha 

What's been awesome or awkward for you this week?

♥ Kenzie

Wednesday, June 29

Five Things

I have never seen Star Wars.

Probably the only foods I don't like are yogurt and olives. But I loveeee olive oil. 

I am extremely comfortable around taxidermy (that's a fun one to explain).

I'm very interested in Native American culture.

I really love playing songs acoustically on guitar that were never meant to be played on guitar. 
(ex: Waterfalls by TLC including the rap part)

Your turn -- Tell me five things about you!

♥ Kenzie

Tuesday, June 28

Tea and Tell Tuesday

That's right folks. You heard it here first. Tea and tell has moved to Tuesday! 
Why? Well, it sorta rhymes so I think that's a good enough reason, don't you?

If you've never been around these parts before, T&T is a day when I take goofy PhotoBooth pictures with my mug, drink tea and write a post about what's in that mug. And since I drink tea like they were throwing it off the Boston docks again, I'd say it's a pretty good day. I like it anyway. 

So today's tea is just what the were throwing off the Boston docks {maybe} - English black tea - Tetley to be exact. I got a big ol' box of this caffeinated goodness at Wal-mart. What better place is there to buy a huge box with 80 tea bags? 

This tea is excellent is you'd like to replace coffee. After two cups in the morning, I've been shaken awake. But literally, I shake. And like I said - I drink black tea constantly and I'm pretty much done with the box. So, no, you don't build up an immunity to it. If you're like me, and you leave your tea bag in the water until it's super dark, you might experience the same problem.

What kind of tea/coffee/drink are you drinking tonight?

♥ Kenzie

p.s. Did you check out that fabulous earring I'm wearing? Limette is pretty awesome...

Wednesday, June 15

This is all about YOU

... things will be changing a bit around here. Physically and content wise. Good changes only :) 
Some things will stay the same, there will be new things and fun things and some things might be left behind. But overall, it will be better for me and for zee blog. 

I just need you all to bare with me over the next few weeks as I make my changes and please give any suggestions that you think would provide for a better experience for YOU as the reader
Because ultimately, I would like to connect with YOU.

So, I have ideas of my own but this is where YOU come in. Thoughts? Please?

How can I make this blog a place that YOU want to come back to?

Thanks for bearing with me :)
♥ Kenzie

Monday, June 13

My plan for the night


Can you believe I've never seen this movie before?
♥ Kenzie

{p.s. click the pic for DIY!}

Sunday, June 12

Things I'm Lovin'

So many things to love this week!

This photo from Something Monumental. So beautiful.

DIYs at Studs and Pearls are always awesome, of course... I'm pretty sure I'll be making some Jamestown Settler necklaces {p.s. if you have no idea what I'm talking about and think I'm nuts, go read the post and you'll get it ;)}

Etsy congratulated RISD grads on their blog and gives them Artreprebeur Kits at graduation? Can't wait to graduate :)

This fabulous new card design by one of my very best friends, Miss Katie :) 

I know this is tiny, but I loveee how Readymade makes these diagrams for recipes and such. So cool. {*Nerd Alert*: I am a little obsessed with diagrams...} See the full version and the delicious recipe here.

Really, really, REALLY want to make these necklaces from Honestly WTF. So in love.

This bathroom = ♥ 
Found here. From here.

Keira Rathbone

Art made with a typewriter? Um, yes please. Incredible.

This is such an amazing song. Adele is an amazing artist.

OMG this chair!! WANT.

What are you lovin' this week?
♥ Kenzie

Saturday, June 11

♥ Happy birthday Mom! ♥

My mom's birthday is today. She is such an amazing woman and I only hope to be as amazing as she is when I'm her age. I love you mom! 

♥ ♥ ♥

Graduation Weekend

Last weekend was fun, happy, difficult, sad, proud and crazy. 
My freshman class graduated. Minus me.

So a little background if you didn't see this little post:

Last summer after I returned from my trip to Argentina, I decided that I wanted to change my major from Industrial Design (ID) to Textiles. Such a difficult decision.
The reason it was a difficult decision? I was coming back to school as a senior if I continued in ID and as a sophomore if I changed to Textiles. Sophomore year at my school was definitely the hardest and a very emotional year in ID for me, therefore, going back to that and *choosing* to go back to that was daunting. Along with the idea that the people were totally different (as in personalties, age, dress, gender - I had gotten used to hanging out with dudes and tomboys), totally different things to think about in design and that in a year most of my best friends would be leaving RISD without me.

It was a great decision in the end - I love my major now and actually am *truly* enjoying my work. Nonetheless, seeing my friends graduate was hard. I was and am so proud to know such amazing people and see them all so excited and happy for real life. But there were a lot of tears. Mixed happy, sad and a little scared tears. I don't know what RISD is without them and though it is scary to watch them leave, I know that they are going to do **such** amazing things and that I will see them again. They are too great of friends to let slip away :)

It was a great day and here are some happy photos:

I was acting like a proud mama all day :) 

What has been happening in your life lately?
♥ Kenzie

Thursday, June 2

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

That's right. It's the thing I've missed/forgot about for weeks due to that silly thing people call college. Who does that anyway? I've got blog posts to write. Silly people. 

So let's do this thing, shall we?

   - How bout we start with this photo? I was going to take an equally awkward photo just now, but then I found this beauty and thought it would be a good contribution. This is what I do when I'm in a bad mood sometimes to cheer myself up. Then I laugh at how ridiculous I am. It works.
   - The fact that I was supposed to move into a new apartment yesterday but, *sigh* I am sitting on the couch in my old apartment as you read this. (maybe not as you read actually, but as I type) Am I okay with my old apartment? Absolutely. Am I okay with the millions of boxes piled in my room? Not so much. Am I okay with having absolutely no idea what's going on up in that Residence Life office at my school? Not so much even more. But here I sit.
   - This kid I keep seeing around campus/not on campus. We run into each other EVERYWHERE and this has been happening since January. It's getting ridiculous and I don't even know if he notices. But he must, right? And it must be fate, right?
   - Call to order yarn Friday - not there. Leave a message. Call to order yarn Monday - Holiday. Leave a message. Called back Tuesday afternoon - Oh sorry. Don't want yarn anymore. Wednesday - Run out of yarn. Call Thursday morning - Hi Chuck? Can I order some yarn? Change shipping address 5 times and yarn is coming Friday. Win.
   - Twitter. 
   - The amount of clothes I have. Holy smokes... packing it all into boxes makes me look crazy... and we all know that isn't true... yeah.
   - The amount of free stuff you get when you're staying at college longer and you know the senior class. I love this time of year. Free. Free. Free!! So far: a brand new slow cooker, a recliner and ottoman, a small electric guitar and a LOOM. <<< FREE!
   - Getting to hang out with all my friends from school whenever I want. It's a great feeling and great company :) 
   - Summertimeeee and oh so warm! 

What is your awkward/awesomeness for the day?
♥ Kenzie

Hey! Guess What?

I'm a tweeter now. Yup, as in Twitter. 
Like, crazy right?

I mean, I was one of those people who would always be like - Twitter is kinda weird. I don't get it. 
(p.s. I never actually tried to get it, but I just decided that I didn't want to try. Cool huh?) 
Anyway, had a little convo with one of my fave girls - Kirsten from Studs and Pearls - and she tells me it's cool. So I say - okay, how? And she says - It just is, you gotta do it. So I say - Okay. I trust you. 

Guess what? It is pretty cool. Sorta addicting. But cool. 
And guess who's the last to know that it's super cool? This girl right here. 
It's okay. Don't feel bad that I'm the last to know about this super cool Twitter thing. I'm used to it. 

Anyhoo - if you're a cool tweeter like me now you should follow me here cause I like it, so I'm probably gonna keep doing it. And if you're not a cool tweeter, ya might wanna get on that. 

Now, I just have to figure out how to use it... 

♥ and tweets, Kenzie

Wednesday, June 1

Giveaway Alert!

You really need to hop over to Little Chief Honeybee and check this out.

Look at that lil beauty. Well she's giving away 20 of them! And I want one! I know you do too! 
So go now! Go. Don't wait. Now. :)

♥ Kenzie