Saturday, June 11

Graduation Weekend

Last weekend was fun, happy, difficult, sad, proud and crazy. 
My freshman class graduated. Minus me.

So a little background if you didn't see this little post:

Last summer after I returned from my trip to Argentina, I decided that I wanted to change my major from Industrial Design (ID) to Textiles. Such a difficult decision.
The reason it was a difficult decision? I was coming back to school as a senior if I continued in ID and as a sophomore if I changed to Textiles. Sophomore year at my school was definitely the hardest and a very emotional year in ID for me, therefore, going back to that and *choosing* to go back to that was daunting. Along with the idea that the people were totally different (as in personalties, age, dress, gender - I had gotten used to hanging out with dudes and tomboys), totally different things to think about in design and that in a year most of my best friends would be leaving RISD without me.

It was a great decision in the end - I love my major now and actually am *truly* enjoying my work. Nonetheless, seeing my friends graduate was hard. I was and am so proud to know such amazing people and see them all so excited and happy for real life. But there were a lot of tears. Mixed happy, sad and a little scared tears. I don't know what RISD is without them and though it is scary to watch them leave, I know that they are going to do **such** amazing things and that I will see them again. They are too great of friends to let slip away :)

It was a great day and here are some happy photos:

I was acting like a proud mama all day :) 

What has been happening in your life lately?
♥ Kenzie

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