Thursday, June 2

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

That's right. It's the thing I've missed/forgot about for weeks due to that silly thing people call college. Who does that anyway? I've got blog posts to write. Silly people. 

So let's do this thing, shall we?

   - How bout we start with this photo? I was going to take an equally awkward photo just now, but then I found this beauty and thought it would be a good contribution. This is what I do when I'm in a bad mood sometimes to cheer myself up. Then I laugh at how ridiculous I am. It works.
   - The fact that I was supposed to move into a new apartment yesterday but, *sigh* I am sitting on the couch in my old apartment as you read this. (maybe not as you read actually, but as I type) Am I okay with my old apartment? Absolutely. Am I okay with the millions of boxes piled in my room? Not so much. Am I okay with having absolutely no idea what's going on up in that Residence Life office at my school? Not so much even more. But here I sit.
   - This kid I keep seeing around campus/not on campus. We run into each other EVERYWHERE and this has been happening since January. It's getting ridiculous and I don't even know if he notices. But he must, right? And it must be fate, right?
   - Call to order yarn Friday - not there. Leave a message. Call to order yarn Monday - Holiday. Leave a message. Called back Tuesday afternoon - Oh sorry. Don't want yarn anymore. Wednesday - Run out of yarn. Call Thursday morning - Hi Chuck? Can I order some yarn? Change shipping address 5 times and yarn is coming Friday. Win.
   - Twitter. 
   - The amount of clothes I have. Holy smokes... packing it all into boxes makes me look crazy... and we all know that isn't true... yeah.
   - The amount of free stuff you get when you're staying at college longer and you know the senior class. I love this time of year. Free. Free. Free!! So far: a brand new slow cooker, a recliner and ottoman, a small electric guitar and a LOOM. <<< FREE!
   - Getting to hang out with all my friends from school whenever I want. It's a great feeling and great company :) 
   - Summertimeeee and oh so warm! 

What is your awkward/awesomeness for the day?
♥ Kenzie


  1. Awkward -

    - Waking up to papers flying around EVERYwhere because I left my windows wide open last night aaaand it's windy as heck right now.
    - My mother left half of her bagel for me when she got home this morning (she works nights), so I grab it, am eating it on the way to get the mail, & almost drop the mail because of said bagel and said wind.
    - Guy driving an "Abbey Ice & Water" truck making a delivery to my neighbor sees all of this.
    - At the last bite I realize that it tastes like coffee & is soggy. I'm guessing she spilled coffee on it.

    Awesome -

    I'm drawing a blank. Hahahah


  2. That wind was crazy! I think I decided to wear a skirt... good idea Mackenzie. and I'm pretty sure I flashed some people...