Thursday, March 31

Awkward and Awesome Thursdayssss

How bout that for an awkward photo huh? I. rock.

   - Flat tire 40 minutes into my 6 hour drive home for Spring Break. And the fact that I'm driving and I say to myself - Self, why is the car vibrating? Car! Why are you vibrating more!? What's going on!?!
   - My phone shutting off in the *middle* of phone calls. Cool phone. Classy.
  - The tax lady telling me that I should design curtains because she can't find any she likes. Just nod politely self. 
   - Walking into tax office with lots of people there. Everything's really open. I'm confused. Here's the convo that I had. "Can I help you?" "Yes, I need the income tax office." "Okay. Do you have an appointment?" "Yes. Is this the right place?" I had no idea. 
   - The taxidermist on main street. Right next to the hardware store. Oh small towns. {Not my town. But could be. It's close.}
   - The man that asked me if my car was a 4 cylinder or 6 cylinder. I just laughed. And he said, "... okay. Never mind." 
   - The {obvious} amount of times I've been to the auto shop this week. 
   - Spring break. Getting lots done but very relaxed. Loving it. 
   - The big comfy sweater I bought at H&M for $15 yesterday. I'm wearing it up there {in the photo} and even though you can't see the whole thing, know that it's wonderful. And big. And comfy.
   - How long my hair is getting. Holy mackerel. 
   - The new features I have coming. I know I keep talking about this {or maybe it's just me talking in my head} but it's coming I swear! April is the month! 
   - April is my birthday month!!! That's right. It not only means fun things. It means SUPER fun things. Like. Whoa. 

Happy awkward and awesome-ness!
Tell me about yours!

♥ Kenzie

Wednesday, March 30

Some things about me...

A few people have asked me some questions that I would like to answer and I'd like to throw in a few random facts about me also. Just so you all can get to know me a little bit better. 

Also, feel free to ask any other questions you have in the comments.

{ahh cell phone pictures...}

What do you think you'll eventually do with your textiles degree?

At this point, I'm not really sure. This semester at school is a chance for us to explore weaving, machine knitting and silkscreening and towards the end of the semester, we will decide on a "track" to take. {We haven't really discussed this with teachers yet so I'm a little rusty on details but...} We can {basically} decide whether we want to take more fine arts classes or digital/industrial classes.  We aren't really supposed to decide yet... but I really love weaving.  {I actually really love everything we're taking right now... but we're just gonna go with weaving at the moment.} I'm pretty sure I won't want to work in commercial textiles, but no one knows where I will end up at this point. Maybe commercial stuff for a few years, then, probably more of my own stuff. {possibly starting a business... eek!}

{So, basically, I have no idea! haha}


{photo from here}

My friend/long lost twin asks: Are we still going to visit Red Velvet this summer?

This is an excellent question. I would LOVE to visit them. Red Velvet is a ***huge*** inspiration to me  and has been for years. Elsie's blog is probably the reason I began blogging in the first place and has always been a place to go for inspiration as well as reassurance that dreams can come true. It's a big *maybe* at this point {so bad at planning things like this too far in advance} but... *tentative* yes? 

How did you get started blogging and what do you love most about it?

I first started reading Elsie's blog and Red Velvet (as mentioned above) about 4 - 5 years ago I think. I was so inspired by her life, her photography and art and the mere fact that she was living the dream, *my* dream, of just being totally happy with what she was doing in her life. I was amazed with the amount of inspiration she was providing to other people also and how much I was getting from her blog. This was my first real step into the "world of blogging" 

Then, after a couple years of reading and being super inspired, I started my own blog in 2008. Yup, long time ago right? I did it on a whim. I thought to myself one summer day when I had nothing else to do - Self, you find a lot of inspiration online too. AND you're in art school. You've got to have something cool to share with the world. YOU should start a blog! 

Little did my foolish self know that a blog is quite a bit of work, not only in posting but in creating a readership and as you can see from my archives, I only had 10 posts that year.

I've been on and off from blogging since then, but I really started to get back into it when I started doing craft shows and realized that this could be a tool to make a name for myself in the art world. It also is a great way to share inspiration and create a story line for my work. Also, I had a lot of time to spend on it, finally. So, Summer 2010, I started again and though I dwindled a bit throughout the fall months as I was back in school, I've picked it back up and found a way for it to fit into my hectic schedule somehow. In a way, I feel like I *really* started blogging in the past year. 

I think what I love most about blogging is the community that I'm finding through my blog. It's always great to know people who love the things that you do. And I loveeee meeting new people, so I'm always up for friends. There's a great group of people online who will support your business and show you kindness if you give a little. Good support is always a welcomed part of any experience. 
{Thank you to the people who have showed me this kindness and support! You know who you are!}

Some random {goofy} facts:

- I'm a little bit obsessed with Glee. And Puck. *sigh* - which I already mentioned but... it's Puck, so it needed to be mentioned again. {If you don't know who he is, you might want to look him up}
- I run into things constantly. Multiple times per day. People. Furniture. Doors. Etc.
- I play guitar a lot. It helps me relax and focus. I actually have my first gig booked for this summer! Eek!! Music is a huge part of my life.
- I say "ya'll" sometimes even though I'm from Upstate NY. {It's pretty country up there though}
- I want a farm someday. With lots of animals. Horses. Sheep. Dogs. Cats. etc. And a huge garden. And a big loom in my backyard where I can weave and watch my chickens strut around. 
- I drink a lot of tea. Like, a lot. Love it. May be addicted... just a little.
- I'm a big goofball and I love to make people laugh and I love laughing at myself. It's a good time all around :)
- I loveeee meeting new people... and talking. I'm a chatterbox and I use it as a way to break the ice, along with the goofiness... that helps too. Usually, people put their guard down a bit when they see that I'm the crazy one but sometimes, I just look super crazy and then it gets awkward... it's always a good story though! 
- I take lots of pictures on PhotoBooth on my Mac. Like, an embarrassing amount actually. I kinda like it though. 

I'm not sure what else to write about myself, but feel free to ask more questions! I'm always open to them, whether they are serious or goofy, about my blog or my life, and I can totally do another post like this if you guys are interested. 

Hope you're having a wonderful day!

♥ Kenzie

Sunday, March 27


Loveee this image.

Working on my midterm project for weaving very soon. Sneak preview soon!

♥ Kenzie

Thursday, March 24

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

    - Bathroom situations. All of them. 
   - Having a twisted ankle and walking down stairs with people behind you. Not *hop* going *hop* fast *hop* enough!
   - Speaking of twisted ankles... you ask how I twisted my ankle? Oh, right. I was running to the window to catch a peek at James Franco and stare at him from above while he worked on a project below. In the process, twisted my ankle. I'm pretty awesome like that... and a huge creeper. {Oh, and James goes to my school} {Yup. We're on a first name basis. I did spy on him after all}
   - Trying to print something in the library and having this conversation: "Can you help me? I can't find my document on the computer. I downloaded it but I can't open that folder..." "Can't you look here?" *girl walks over and immediately pulls up file* "Oh *awkward laugh* you're probably just smarter than I am... *more awkward laughing*" "Yeahhh..." *more awkward laughing as she walks away* I rock with computers. 
  - Cute guy at Whole Foods probably thinks I'm stalking him. Yeah, so what if I went there 3 days in a row -- they were for different reasons!! Can't go back for a week. At least. 

   - Mom sent me textiles books! {As seen above} She's so cute. And I get to see her in a few days!
   - Spring Break is in a few days! Which means I might actually get back to having normal sleeping hours. Or just sleep 12 hours a day. I'm okay with that too. 
   - Working on new features and things for SOS. Very excited. And of course, you'll hear about them very soon :)
  -  April is my birthday month and it's so soon! There will be some very exciting things happening around here during April so stay tuned. 
   - Loving my department a little more and more everyday. Learning sooo much and loving everyone I have classes with. 
   - *Hopefully* going to a show tonight >> my friend's band. They are super cute. You should read about them here. And probably come listen if you're in the Providence area tonight. Which is really the Rhode Island area. Since everything is 5 minutes away in RI. 
   - Yeah, I saw James Franco. 

Who's got some awesome-ness or awkward-ness to share?

♥ Kenzie

Wednesday, March 23

Things I'm Lovin'

1. These geese from Middle of Nowhere. Sooo cute!

2. These screen printed pillows. Adorable!!

3. LOVE the colors. But also -- they look sooooo good!!

4. This bag and print. Oh. my.

5. This shirt from Urban Outfitters. It's black on the back. I loveee it.

6. This photo found here. Beautiful.

7. These swimsuits from Urban Outfitters.

my seven dollar lamp made-over

8. Lamp DIY. Yes. Please.

9. Hairspray is probably my favorite movie. Whenever I'm in a really bad mood, it makes me soooo happy.

10. My mom is amazing >> She sent me 4 textiles books that I got today! Can't wait to see her this Saturday!

Hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday!

♥ Kenzie

Monday, March 21


So, I *swear* I was just about to post about how you all should go over and get some Sugar if you haven't yet {And I'm talking Sunday Morning Sugar here people - I'm over there for March sponsoring her blog} And then Malori goes and be's all cute and stuff.  {Yeah, yeah so be's not a word..} I mean, how can she not be? Just look at that photo! Adorbes.

Photo 1157

She got a Stylish Blogger Award {Yay! Congratulations!} from Crissy, who I very much need to go say hello to, and then she passed it to me! Ah! 

Thank you thank you Malori! You're the sweetest!

So the rules are: 

>> Thank the person that gave you the award: check.
>> Share seven things about yourself: half-check. {I'm working on a post with all this good stuff! But I'll write a couple...}
>> Pass the award on to other bloggers and tell them you did: check.

A *couple* things to share {as I don't want to *completely* ruin my post}: 

- I have had many minor injuries and continue to get them. {have a sprained/twisted ankle right now} Never anything broken *knock on wood* but sprains, twists, falls, stitches, gross stuff that no one wants to hear about... etc. 

- Every time I do hurt myself, I usually crack jokes. I'm not sure when this started, but I've been doing it for a few years at least. I'll be crying and trying to make people laugh at the same time. I don't know... I'm crazy...

- I'm very much obsessed with Glee. And Puck {especially}.  It's what I wish my world was like. Minus the high school drama. So basically, I wish my life was a musical. Always have. 

Sooo bloggers who I'd love to pass the award to:

**drum roll please**

Kirsten (@) Studs and Pearls
Sydney (@) The Daybook
Ramsey (@) Love, Ramsey

I read all three of these a lot. Love these girls. :)

Many thanks again to Malori! You're awesome sweetie!

Hope you guys have an awesome Monday!
♥ Kenzie


{google image}

So this Super Moon. Has anyone else's week been *super* crazy?
I blame the moon.

By the wayyy > SOS now has a Facebook Page! *Super* exciting.
 {Oh yeah. I used super again.}
Click here to see it.

Also - Don't forget to say hi here
I'll be doing a post with the questions and some other random things next week.
And if you don't have {super} questions and are just stopping in for the first time - say hi too! I'd love to hear from you :)

♥ Kenzie

Sunday, March 20

*Viewer Discretion Advised*

So this may be a little scary - but I try not to take myself too seriously. 
I feel like laughing just makes everything better - especially when you do things like running into doors. (I totally didn't do that this week... maybe.) 

But I just had to look back on one of my posts from the end of last year to remind myself to be positive. And I also just took this photo (as well as a bunch more cause PhotoBooth and I are like this *crosses fingers*) to make myself laugh a bit. (I actually can't stop laughing at this)
 I hope this makes you guys laugh a little too :)

Tea also sounds like a great idea right now. 

What do you do to get in a better mood?

♥ Kenzie

Saturday, March 19

Things I'm Lovin'

1. Giveaway!!!! Over at Sunday Morning Sugar from Studs and Pearls
Two of my favorite girls over there! And a great bracelet. 
I made one in January, just a little bit different. 


2. The Red Velvet Dress Collection Story. Amazing job Elsie!

3. This photo. Found here.

4. Kamika's Bambi bib! Sooo cute!!

5. This glass dress. Soooo beautiful!!

6. This paper light DIY. Soooo cute!


7. Spray painting like a pro? Oh. yeah.

Photo 6 

8. My first guest post DIY posted last week. (Not excited at all... :D)

Color Study 309 / Redwedge

9. This amaaaaazing quilt! Ahhh.

Black and white fringe top S/M/L

10. This top. I love love love it. 

Don't forget to say hi here!!

♥ Kenzie

Thursday, March 17

I'm just wondering...

I never hear a lot from my readers and I was just wondering who's been stopping by to visit. 
I want to get to know you guys and I want you to get to know me. 

So, here's the plan (as my mother would say) : Leave me a comment saying hi - let me know who you are and whatever else you wish and ask me a question! I'll answer them in a post later. 

It'd be nice to hear from ya'll. :)
♥ Kenzie


This is sooo cute. Love this idea. Thanks Apartment Therapy.

♥ Kenzie

Tuesday, March 15


My screen printing teacher brought in these two books to class the other day. They are just so amazing. 
I didn't get a long time to look through them but I was excited nonetheless. 

I need to start building my textiles book collection I think...

♥ Kenzie

Sunday, March 13

Photo Love

I just love love loveeee these colors. And this photo in general.
It's just breathtaking.

♥ Kenzie 

Saturday, March 12

Oh my!

Photo 6

I have a DIY over at Sunday Morning Sugar!
It went up on Thursday but I've been sooo busy that I didn't even realize it was up!
I'm sooo excited for this. And I loveee her blog. 
So happy!! Go check it out >> here

What's exciting in your life loves?

♥ Kenzie

Thursday, March 10

It's coming...

SPRINGTIME SALE Happy Bouquet- Feminine, pink, & girly - a dreamy romantic photograph - 8x10 Fine Art Photography Print)

I saw these popping up the other day while walking to school. They were yellow.
They put a little *spring* in my step.
(I'm so darn punny.)

♥ Kenzie

Sunday, March 6

Introducing... *drum roll*

Loom meet the-folks-who-read-my-blog. Readers meet Loom. 
We're kinda like best friends.

We do lots of fun things together. Like make pretty stuff.

And have parties with easter garland. (Or weave it. Whichever.)

And make fun twill patterns.
It's a good time to be had by all. And I think our relationship is growing. 
Pretty sure we'll be inseparable soon.

♥ Kenzie

p.s. Bad cellphone pictures are never really good for introductions. Oops. 

Saturday, March 5

To Do: Lots

- finish DIY {I'll let ya'll know about that later}
- clean room
- play my lonesome guitar
- grocery store?
- find inspiration pictures for machine knitting
- weaving!

I've got a few things checked off so far. Hopefully, I can finish the rest!
What's on your to do list?

♥ Kenzie

Thursday, March 3

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

I've decided to participate in Awkward and Awesome Thursday, for this week at least, and while I was writing down my list, I thought - Wow self. Your life is pretty awkward. This is waaay to easy.

I figure, at least my life stays interesting right? 

  - I asked the girl sitting in front of me in class if she could pass the sign-in list up to the teacher. I figured she would pass it to the next student but no. She gave me one of those looks where she's about to sigh and roll her eyes and got up and walked it to the front. That wasn't what I meant. Oops...
  - "I like your hair! Did you just dunk it in bleach or something?" "No... I went to the salon." "Oh *awkward laugh*"
  - My college cafeteria is on facebook. I really don't know how I feel about that.
  - My bag should be considered a weapon. I am constantly hitting people. Sorry everyone who ever walks by me.
  - Seeing people you sort of know and trying to decide if you should say hi or if they are going to say hi or if they even recognize you. Then you just look awkward for staring at them...
  - Smelling salad dressing in the cafeteria. Yeah I do it, but in my defense - who really knows what Sesame Ginger tastes like?!
  - When you sit down at a two person table and someone sits at the other table that you're facing. Facing you. So you have to stare at each other while you eat. Nice move buddy. 
  - Coffee and salad. Together. Weird.

  - Weaving and machine knitting. I'm so in love.
  - My new earrings from All Saints. They are just too pretty.
  - Being able to wear nicer clothes to most of my classes. It doesn't really work in woodshop or painting class.
  - Plan Bean - a new, cute little coffee shop that just opened up and happens to be on my way to school. Sweet. And the best name.
  - Almost getting hit by a trolley. That's probably more awkward. Especially because neither the driver nor I were paying any attention at all...
  - Being a {first time ever in my whole entire life} sponsor on Malori's blog!
 - It was so hard for me to come up with a pattern for my screen printing class. I finally did, got to class and sketched out 5 more ideas for different prints right there. In about 10 minutes. Nice timing mind. 
  - Having heat again. So nice. 
  - Looking through old notebooks and finding conversations from my friends and I in class. So. funny. 
  - Anthropologie catalog in the mail today. *sigh* Happiness. 
  - {See my crappy cellphone picture above} The isle in Michael's FULL of spring flowers. Okayyy so they're fake, but it's still happy!

Have any awkwardness to share?

♥ Kenzie