Thursday, March 24

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

    - Bathroom situations. All of them. 
   - Having a twisted ankle and walking down stairs with people behind you. Not *hop* going *hop* fast *hop* enough!
   - Speaking of twisted ankles... you ask how I twisted my ankle? Oh, right. I was running to the window to catch a peek at James Franco and stare at him from above while he worked on a project below. In the process, twisted my ankle. I'm pretty awesome like that... and a huge creeper. {Oh, and James goes to my school} {Yup. We're on a first name basis. I did spy on him after all}
   - Trying to print something in the library and having this conversation: "Can you help me? I can't find my document on the computer. I downloaded it but I can't open that folder..." "Can't you look here?" *girl walks over and immediately pulls up file* "Oh *awkward laugh* you're probably just smarter than I am... *more awkward laughing*" "Yeahhh..." *more awkward laughing as she walks away* I rock with computers. 
  - Cute guy at Whole Foods probably thinks I'm stalking him. Yeah, so what if I went there 3 days in a row -- they were for different reasons!! Can't go back for a week. At least. 

   - Mom sent me textiles books! {As seen above} She's so cute. And I get to see her in a few days!
   - Spring Break is in a few days! Which means I might actually get back to having normal sleeping hours. Or just sleep 12 hours a day. I'm okay with that too. 
   - Working on new features and things for SOS. Very excited. And of course, you'll hear about them very soon :)
  -  April is my birthday month and it's so soon! There will be some very exciting things happening around here during April so stay tuned. 
   - Loving my department a little more and more everyday. Learning sooo much and loving everyone I have classes with. 
   - *Hopefully* going to a show tonight >> my friend's band. They are super cute. You should read about them here. And probably come listen if you're in the Providence area tonight. Which is really the Rhode Island area. Since everything is 5 minutes away in RI. 
   - Yeah, I saw James Franco. 

Who's got some awesome-ness or awkward-ness to share?

♥ Kenzie

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