Thursday, March 17

I'm just wondering...

I never hear a lot from my readers and I was just wondering who's been stopping by to visit. 
I want to get to know you guys and I want you to get to know me. 

So, here's the plan (as my mother would say) : Leave me a comment saying hi - let me know who you are and whatever else you wish and ask me a question! I'll answer them in a post later. 

It'd be nice to hear from ya'll. :)
♥ Kenzie


  1. ...Alice! I know a Wonderland quote when I see one.

    I'm Kirsten from S&P (as my little icon indicates) and I saw that you're in school for textile design - I was totally intrigued by it. Do you know what you want to eventually do with that? It seems like such an interesting thing to be studying!


  2. Your mother reads your blog religiously! You open my eyes to so many new ideas and beautiful art!

  3. oh hey! I'm your long lost twin. I check in on the regular to see what the other half of my brain is up to & your posts always make me smile =)

    I'm curious if we're still going on a road trip to visit Red Velvet this summer?

  4. Hello! Just passing through and browsing :) always looking for a little inspiration and love reading other blogs! Congrats on your (future) stylish blogger award! My question for you is: how did you get started blogging and what do you love most about it?