Thursday, March 3

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

I've decided to participate in Awkward and Awesome Thursday, for this week at least, and while I was writing down my list, I thought - Wow self. Your life is pretty awkward. This is waaay to easy.

I figure, at least my life stays interesting right? 

  - I asked the girl sitting in front of me in class if she could pass the sign-in list up to the teacher. I figured she would pass it to the next student but no. She gave me one of those looks where she's about to sigh and roll her eyes and got up and walked it to the front. That wasn't what I meant. Oops...
  - "I like your hair! Did you just dunk it in bleach or something?" "No... I went to the salon." "Oh *awkward laugh*"
  - My college cafeteria is on facebook. I really don't know how I feel about that.
  - My bag should be considered a weapon. I am constantly hitting people. Sorry everyone who ever walks by me.
  - Seeing people you sort of know and trying to decide if you should say hi or if they are going to say hi or if they even recognize you. Then you just look awkward for staring at them...
  - Smelling salad dressing in the cafeteria. Yeah I do it, but in my defense - who really knows what Sesame Ginger tastes like?!
  - When you sit down at a two person table and someone sits at the other table that you're facing. Facing you. So you have to stare at each other while you eat. Nice move buddy. 
  - Coffee and salad. Together. Weird.

  - Weaving and machine knitting. I'm so in love.
  - My new earrings from All Saints. They are just too pretty.
  - Being able to wear nicer clothes to most of my classes. It doesn't really work in woodshop or painting class.
  - Plan Bean - a new, cute little coffee shop that just opened up and happens to be on my way to school. Sweet. And the best name.
  - Almost getting hit by a trolley. That's probably more awkward. Especially because neither the driver nor I were paying any attention at all...
  - Being a {first time ever in my whole entire life} sponsor on Malori's blog!
 - It was so hard for me to come up with a pattern for my screen printing class. I finally did, got to class and sketched out 5 more ideas for different prints right there. In about 10 minutes. Nice timing mind. 
  - Having heat again. So nice. 
  - Looking through old notebooks and finding conversations from my friends and I in class. So. funny. 
  - Anthropologie catalog in the mail today. *sigh* Happiness. 
  - {See my crappy cellphone picture above} The isle in Michael's FULL of spring flowers. Okayyy so they're fake, but it's still happy!

Have any awkwardness to share?

♥ Kenzie


  1. I just got my march ANTHRO catalog in the mail too!!!! so happy<3 esp. considering how sad my bank account is from spending all of my money on happy anthro clothes :)

  2. Going out to dinner, eating and discovering neither of us brought any form of currency, AWKWARD!

  3. Haha I love that your cafeteria is on FB! Oh man, thursday posts are the best. Gorgeous blog