Wednesday, June 30

Happy Updates

Hello everyone! I have fun updates for you all! 

I have been working to try to find something fun to make for my upcoming and first craft show everrrr and I have *finally* made something that I would like to sell. So exciting!

So here they are! The start of my new collection! {Ahh this is so exciting!!}

I am working on some new ones now but I'm very excited about these. I am going to have a bunch of different styles that I will develop over the next few weeks.

I hope you like them! I'm very excited {as you can tell}.

I'll be updating more over the next few days but until then - anyone have price ideas? 
{because I have no idea...}

Have a good night!

♥ Kenzie

After seeing these lamps above, I went searching. I'm obsessed.

Here are some super pretty lamp pictures from one of my fav sites :)

so fun!

I love these. So beautiful!

Updates later on my new projects that I love :)

♥ Kenzie

Monday, June 28

Pretty bicycles = happiness

I would love a bike like the one above.

♥ Kenzie

A New Favorite ♥

I am so excited. My wonderful and beautiful friend Hannah {go check her out - she's an amazing photographer :)} just sent me the best inspiration. This woman was, within 5 minutes of looking at her site, my idol. I love her work and everything she makes. Her name is :: Anna Maria Horner :: This is her blog but she also has a shop. I'm just drooling over everything. 

Among the many that I love, her work is on the top of my list now.

More posts later!

♥ Kenzie

Sunday, June 27

A little more for your Sunday night/Monday morning..

Just a few more things for you all...

I'm a little bit obsessed with Bonnie Raitt right now. She's fantastic. I heard one of her songs ::Angel from Montgomery:: in a movie ::Into the Wild:: and I loved it. I wanted to learn it on guitar {which I am now} and now I can't stop listening to her {and whoever else comes up on the You Tube "Bonnie Raitt" mix}. She has a fantastic voice.

I found this amazing UK type artist >> Craig Ward. They are amazing and so beautiful.

I love this one.

Yes, I know. Amazing right? I loveee these pieces by Lisi Raskin. They are really beautiful.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a site for her. But I did find an interview and I first found her on Little Paper Planes. {I know, I'm kind of stalking them tonight.}

I will have the rest of the updates tomorrow -- chalkboard-ness is drying {yes... chalkboard paint = love} and I will have more fun stuff tomorrow. *Remember* I am making up for the lack of posts this week.

Have a good night everyone!

♥ Kenzie