Monday, June 14

Happy Monday!

And even though I couldn't get to sleep last night, I am up early (for me) and already writing! Looks like I'm going to have a few posts today: some morning inspiration, lastest thrifting finds and some projects I've been working on.

But first: here are some things I've found (or were given sites too :) - thanks guys!)

Wallpaper! I'm obsessed lately - got some good ones the other day I'll show you. I love framed wallpaper too! All the patterns you want on one wall and it doesn't look messy. I'm going to need to do that.

These wallpapers are all from Anthropologie

Loveee this one

And this one

And this one

Another thing: I loveee these Penguin Classic books. I've been wanting to read some classics lately, and it just seems like the books would be a little bit better with pretty patterns on the front!

Beautiful Mirror

This book is fantastic - I was flipping through the other day on my trip to the new Anthro out at the mall... for 20 minutes... The photographer goes to peoples' homes and takes pictures. It's fantastic. Karl Lagerfeld's home is in there too. It's so interesting and inspiring. I think I'm going to buy it for a friend photographer who has been working on a similar project :)

Also - fashion illustration. Found by a wonderful friend and passed along. It's beautiful and inspiring, no other way to describe it.

They are all so fun...

Well, I hope this gave you some Monday motivation! I'll be back later with some more posts and fun things.

♥ Kenzie

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