Wednesday, June 30

Happy Updates

Hello everyone! I have fun updates for you all! 

I have been working to try to find something fun to make for my upcoming and first craft show everrrr and I have *finally* made something that I would like to sell. So exciting!

So here they are! The start of my new collection! {Ahh this is so exciting!!}

I am working on some new ones now but I'm very excited about these. I am going to have a bunch of different styles that I will develop over the next few weeks.

I hope you like them! I'm very excited {as you can tell}.

I'll be updating more over the next few days but until then - anyone have price ideas? 
{because I have no idea...}

Have a good night!

♥ Kenzie


  1. wooooooo i want one:) will you make one for me for my birthdayyyyy<3