Sunday, January 30

Best cookies in the world?

My roommate and I may have made the best cookies in the world last night. Chocolate chip cookies with chocolate oreos inside.  Mind blowing right?  
Wait until you taste them -- I know you want to make them. 

We had to do a couple rounds before we got it right. (See massive cookie on top and bottom photo) We finally used muffin pans to contain the cookie dough with a little dough on top and a little on the bottom and an oreo right in the middle. Worked perfectly. (And deliciously)

Warning: These cookies are extremely delicious and addictive. If you know what's best for you, you'll bake them, take two and give them away to friends and family. Or do like us, and give some away and keep most of them. :) 

What are you making in your kitchen these days?

♥ Kenzie

Thursday, January 27

What I've been up to

Backstrap Loom

{source for top and bottom picture}

So this looks super cool huh?
Yeah, well sorta. 

This is a traditional Peruvian backstrap loom. This type of loom is used in the mountains of Peru to weave awesome textiles. 

Currently, I'm taking a class studying those awesome textiles and we are making one of these... to, eventually, weave... but although this loom looks fairly simple to create (and it really is once you understand it) it's quite different than anything I've ever done which equals more time. More time as in weeks of confusion.

I know what you're thinking -- Aren't you a textiles student? Aren't you supposed to know allllll about this weaving stuff? What's your deal? 

Well people, this girl *pointing at myself* knows about this much *holds up fingers showing little tiny space* about weaving. I understand some things, but next semester will only be my second in textiles and that's when we get our pretty big ol' looms that we'll work on all semester. (sooo excited) Then is when I will understand lots more. But until then, I struggle with my not-so-perfect backstrap loom.

So hopefully soon, I can make things like this:

a final tease

and be a little bit cooler than I am now.

What's making you a little bit cooler these days?
(... besides the weather. Not talking temperature here people.)

♥ Kenzie

Friday, January 21

♥ for the Etsy blog

The Nature Lab at my school (Rhode Island School of Design) was featured on the etsy blog!
Love the Nature Lab! :)

Hope you all enjoy a little piece of my world here in RI.

♥ Kenzie

Wednesday, January 19

A little embarrassing, a little real life.

Photo Booth is a good friend of mine. We hang out a bit. I make funny faces, he takes pictures. We have a good time :)

I hope you enjoy my little embarrassing habit.
What are some of yours?

♥ Kenzie

Tuesday, January 18

Lovely Tuesdays >> Etsy Edition

I have been finding some fabulous things on Etsy and I figured now would be a great time to share!


1. Beautiful sequined top!

Green pleated shirt

2. Emerald green pleats? Yes please!

Cameo - cartoon style screen print, seafoam / hot pink (8x10)

3. Loveee this print and color combination!

Silk Organza Pleated French Maiden Dress

4. This dress is just... omg.

Vintage AWESOME Tooled Leather Saddle bag BEST

5. I love mini purses lately! And this beautiful leather!

HOLIDAY SPECIAL vintage plaid mini blazer xs or sm

6. Beautiful blazer. 

Purple Print Party Dress OOAK Medium

7. Party dresses! Love!

Purple Embroidered Silk Brocade Puff Skirt High Waisted Multicolour Bubble Hem FREE SHIPPING International

8. This amaaazing skirt. *sigh*

Taynton Marie Antointte Mint and Lavender Pumps

9. The *cutest* shoesss!

Laser cut Lace necklace.

10. Laser cut necklace. Fabulous!

I hope you all enjoy your lovely Tuesday!

♥ Kenzie

Monday, January 17

Jewelry, jewelry everywhere!

For the last couple of days, I've been making some DIY jewelry.
I found the DIYs through other blogs and I couldn't wait to get started. The necklace and bracelet was part of Project ReStyle and was done by A Pretty Penny

And the other chain bracelet was from Studs and Pearls < she has sooo many cute DIYs there! I don't think mine turned out exactly the same as hers but it was inspired by that at least. 

I've been having fun lately, even in this crazy weather!

What have you guys done lately to keep yourselves sane in the winter months?

♥ Kenzie

Tuesday, January 11

Lovely Tuesdays Anyone?

I have been finding some lovelyyy things lately!

Abby 1740 new 8 27

1. This photo >> so great. Elsie was inspired by it here.

Vestido Leopard

2. This dress at Complot. It's an Argentine company and I loveddd their clothes when I was there. 

3. This 2011 Calendar > beautiful.

4. This pattern at Huset. I love this shop!


5. This post at OhJoy. It makes me think of summer. So glad it's almost warm again!

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was a Bear Beanie

6. This *adorable* little bear hat!

vintage 1960's goldenrod black beige wool blend tapestry vest with belt 

7. This beauuuutiful vest. Want!

Perfect Little Red Dress with Metallic thread Detail and Flowy Silk layers size medium

8. This dress!!! *sigh*

Scandinavian vintage fabric cats

9. These cutie pies. Love.

Marroon Open-Weave Straw Cowboy Hat with Western Beaded Trim

10. And this hat. Beautiful!

Hope you all are having a lovely Tuesday!

♥ Kenzie

Sunday, January 9

What makes you think of...

Winter makes me think of trekking through the woods all bundled up with deer and other animals all around. Not sure why. Maybe it's just from living in the country. And I love deer - all things deer, although I'm not really an outdoor winter activities type. Not all the time at least :)

These are some of my Esty favs I found that reminded me of winter!

Have a great night everyone! And I promise to show that project soon as well as what I'm working on in class!

♥ Kenzie

Natural Healing

I'm sick. Not really sick, just annoying sick. That silly cough/sore throat/stomachache combo that's so annoying you just want it to go be annoying somewhere else so you can go on with your life. And lately, I have been trying natural remedies for things - peppermint oil for headaches, lavender oil and chamomile tea for calming and other good stuff. I got even more into it after I bought this book:

496 crammed pages of how natural remedies can help heal you in a 10 point font. I know, I know. I was a skeptic at first too. But it's pretty awesome. It helps me in a lot of different ways. BUT I'm not here to convert you. I just want to show you what I did with it!

So, back to the cough. I decided that I didn't want to take regular, gross cough syrup, but how could I fix it? And that's how I came to make my own!

Yummy looking right? (haha) It's actually not bad tasting. Made with lemons and raw honey - that's it! And guess what - I feel better! Not even coughing as much as I was!

So for those of you who would like the recipe...

6 lemons or onions - chopped and peeled
1 cup raw, unprocessed honey

Put the chopped lemons or onions in a double boiler. Cover and heat until boiling. Reduce heat and simmer for one hour. After one hour, remove from heat and stir in one cup of raw honey (no need to strain the pulp). Take one warm tablespoon each hour until the cough gets better. 

I used lemons because they seemed like they would taste better. Also - I would cut the recipe in half unless you have a whole sick family because it makes quite a bit as you can see in the above photo. 

And one last thing - I tried to take it a couple hours in a row and my stomach is a bit too sensitive for that (it's a bit bitter because of the lemon juice) so I would take it every couple hours. 

It said it will sooth the throat, calm the cough and clean out the bowel system. It does what it promises. ;)

So that's my coughing adventure. I'll be back later to show you a project that I've been holding off on finishing for a while. Until then, I'll be trying to finish this cough syrup (gulp) or pawn it off on my other sick friends. 

♥ Kenzie

Wednesday, January 5

New loves ♥

Just some things I'm loving lately...

Large Vintage Travel Bag

This bag. Worn in and everything. Yum.


This before and after -- Loveeee! I will totally make this.

Daydreamers cup cozy

This cup cozy. So cuteee!!

This *beautiful* cabinet by Jenna Goldberg - a former professor of mine.

The 365 knitting clock. So cool. 

Hope you enjoyed some things I'm loving lately! And hope you all are loving lots too! :) 

♥ Kenzie