Thursday, January 27

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Backstrap Loom

{source for top and bottom picture}

So this looks super cool huh?
Yeah, well sorta. 

This is a traditional Peruvian backstrap loom. This type of loom is used in the mountains of Peru to weave awesome textiles. 

Currently, I'm taking a class studying those awesome textiles and we are making one of these... to, eventually, weave... but although this loom looks fairly simple to create (and it really is once you understand it) it's quite different than anything I've ever done which equals more time. More time as in weeks of confusion.

I know what you're thinking -- Aren't you a textiles student? Aren't you supposed to know allllll about this weaving stuff? What's your deal? 

Well people, this girl *pointing at myself* knows about this much *holds up fingers showing little tiny space* about weaving. I understand some things, but next semester will only be my second in textiles and that's when we get our pretty big ol' looms that we'll work on all semester. (sooo excited) Then is when I will understand lots more. But until then, I struggle with my not-so-perfect backstrap loom.

So hopefully soon, I can make things like this:

a final tease

and be a little bit cooler than I am now.

What's making you a little bit cooler these days?
(... besides the weather. Not talking temperature here people.)

♥ Kenzie

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  1. Soooooooooooooo jelouse of you living your textile dream! GO GIRL!