Sunday, January 30

Best cookies in the world?

My roommate and I may have made the best cookies in the world last night. Chocolate chip cookies with chocolate oreos inside.  Mind blowing right?  
Wait until you taste them -- I know you want to make them. 

We had to do a couple rounds before we got it right. (See massive cookie on top and bottom photo) We finally used muffin pans to contain the cookie dough with a little dough on top and a little on the bottom and an oreo right in the middle. Worked perfectly. (And deliciously)

Warning: These cookies are extremely delicious and addictive. If you know what's best for you, you'll bake them, take two and give them away to friends and family. Or do like us, and give some away and keep most of them. :) 

What are you making in your kitchen these days?

♥ Kenzie

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