Monday, February 28

Things I'm Lovin'

This Headband by Lune. In. Love.

Colored Horizon Zipper Clutch

This clutch by Annily Green. And lovin' her blog too!

This hex nut bracelet DIY. *Need* to make one. Need. Now.

12x16 Giclee Print - Beetle Collection

This print. Yup, still into the bug display thing. Lovin' it!

This video. Sooo good. And so happy. 

Vintage Metal Green Foldable Magazine Rack

This vintage magazine rack. *sigh* I have sooo many magazines that would love this as a home.

This vertical garden. Sooooo cool!

This look from J Crew. Love the bright green shorts with the military hues!

This dress from All Saints. So pretty with the muted colors.

This dresser and painting. omg. I'm in love. 

I hope you all have a lovely week!

♥ Kenzie

I love this woman.

How can you not?

♥ Kenzie

Saturday, February 26

I'm blog button crazy this week.



Thursday, February 24

Hey Look! I have a button!


I made it myself. Please feel free to share and take one for yourself while you're at it! :)

♥ Kenzie

Things I'm Lovin'

So ya know the "Lovely {random day of the week}" that I do every once in a while? Well, it started out that it was called "Lovely Tuesdays" partly because I really like Tuesdays for some reason and probably partly because I thought of the idea on a Tuesday. I'm super cool like that. 

So anyway, I'm gonna change things around a bit in my "Lovely _______" posts. This feature is now changing to "Things I'm Lovin'" because I'm terrible at sticking to schedules. This won't have a certain day and will *most likely* happen once a week along with a bunch of other random everyday posts of course. So, without further ado, this weeks list of things I'm lovin' :)

These ads by Mercedes Benz

Toy Robot Cufflinks BRASS Plated Metal Miniatures Retro Science Fiction Steampunk Cuff Links - ORIGINAL DESIGN from Cosmic Firefly Las Vegas

These toy robot cufflinks. So adorable.

Hermit Crab Friendly Shell n' Plant

This air plant in a hermit crab shell. How cute!

This photo. I need to make a little inspiration line. And a few boards for class...

Hope you all have had a lovely week! Friday tomorrow!

♥ Kenzie

Wednesday, February 23

I'm in love.

Guess what I did for the first time yesterday? Oh yeah. You guessed it. Machine knitting! You guys are so smart. This is my first little sample I made and though he's not perfect, I still love him with all my heart. I might name him. 

Did you know that back in the day a knitting machine was normal to have at home? {I think my teacher said the 70s was a big time for the knitting machine} It was like having a sewing machine. Everybody had one. I knew I was born in the wrong era. 

Anyway, it's super fun and rewarding to watch all the fabric creeping out of your machine so quickly. And you don't even have to plug it in! *young generations everywhere gasp and are puzzled by this phenomenon* It really is a wonderful thing. 

So, yes, it's true. I'm in love. 
I hope this love continues when I meet my loom on Friday in weaving!

♥ Kenzie

Tuesday, February 22


Plexus No. 2: Convergence

I was checking out Design Sponge {because we all know, by now how much I love them} and they had these amazing photos up and I thought to myself - Self, these are brilliant and wonderful and they need to be shared!!

Plexus No. 2: Convergence

Plexus No. 2: Convergence

So, I read about these beautiful photos and they are installation pieces done by an fiber artist named Gabriel Dawe. They are so incredibly wonderful! 

Plexus No. 2: Convergence

Eye (for Transitice Pairings)

I love installations that make you just stand in amazement that a human could produce such an awe provoking piece of work. I can not even imagine what it would be like to see them in person when I feel so amazed by them through photos!

Have a great Tuesday!

♥ Kenzie

Monday, February 21

Sooo I'm a huge dork. Oh well.

I think I told you all before that PhotoBooth and I have a slightly unhealthy relationship.
So I like taking silly pictures of myself? No big. 

Anyway... this past week has been so crazy. I was running around doing guest talks at the high school, went to two basketball games, saw a bunch of old friends and met new ones, went on a field trip with the high school art class as a chaperon to see two shows, dinners, guitars... *whew* The list doesn't stop.

But now, I'm back in Providence for Spring semester. My classes start tomorrow and I'm a little bit nervous -- this semester is going to be tough but I'm gearing myself up for it. 

What's new in your life?

♥ Kenzie

Friday, February 18

Movie ♥


I love this movie. Such a great chick flick/romantic comedy.

What's your favorite?

♥ Kenzie

So much gets done when you wake up early. Who knew?

Surprising, {for a break} I've been getting up quite early these days. And although this makes me want a nap in the afternoon, {or as soon as I stop moving} I feel like I've accomplished more and the nap doesn't feel like time wasted. 

Here's what's going on today:

- did two guest talks at my old high school this morning
- lots of guitar playing, per usual
- laundry, laundry, laundry
- homework for Weaving I
- and later, meeting up with an old friend for the night 
for a basketball game and more guitar

Not a whole ton of stuff {I am on break} but good enough. Mostly, I'll be relaxing before the new semester starts up and makes me wish I had time for silly things like watching TV. 

♥ Kenzie

Thursday, February 17

Cute Little Touches.

To keep the week of love going...

It's the little things that get me. The details in the presents. Heck! They don't even have to be presents! With these cute touches, you could give me a tire for V-day and I would be awed. 

Sooo cute.

Cute post-it notes = so simple. so sweet.


Messages on coffee cups.

Super cute cards, especially if they are for no reason at all.

SparkLife » The Greatest Valentines in Human History

Cute and funny coupons. Enough said.

{last two are from here}

What little details do you love?

♥ Kenzie

New hair? Yes, please!

I got tips that I'm super happy with. I just have to get used to looking down and seeing blond. It's a little scary sometimes! Promise I'll be back later *tonight* with fun stuff. It's been an crazy week!

♥ Kenzie

Wednesday, February 16

My goodness these are so stinkin' cute.

I'll be back later with some super cute stuff :)

♥ Kenzie

Tuesday, February 15

Things to ♥ this week

Oh so many things to love.

1. It's fashion week!!! Was just in NYC this past week and walked by Lincoln Center. I probably looked like a kid in a candy store trying to take it all in. 


2. Flowers. Sooo many flowers around lately because of V-day. It just makes me so excited for spring and it means it's just around the corner.


3. Being single. Having someone in your life is great, but I have had so much time to just work on being me! It's a great feeling. Embrace the freedom ladies. It's a wonderful thing even if some days we don't appreciate it as much as we should.


4. Best friends. Appreciate your friends this week and let them know how much you love them. It is the week of love after all! :)

{1. Google. 2.3.4. We ♥ it}

What are you loving this week?

♥ Kenzie

Monday, February 14

**All My Single Ladies**

mormon in manhattan : (NO) sex and the city: happy valentine's day!

Hey ladies. Yup, today is Valentine's Day and I'm with ya in the single life, but let's make this day a little more fun, shall we? 

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be just about couples in love. It's about love for *everyone* and showing that love to your friends, family and to yourself. So here's a little list of ideas to show the love as a single lady today. 

>> Make valentines for your friends and family .
>> Make a super yummy dinner all for yourself or for friends - maybe it's your favorite dish that you haven't had in a while?
>> Do some guerilla-ing and leave happy notes for strangers. Such as leaving a note on a random car windshield that says - I hope you have a spectacular day. You'll feel good about it and so will they. 
>> Take a *long* bubble bath and read your favorite magazine.
>> Take yourself out to a movie
>> Hide cute notes to yourself around your house/studio/office to find later. Even when you know it's from you, it will make you smile.
>> Call an old friend you haven't talked to in a while and chat away.
>> Take yourself out for a manicure/pedicure/spa day and pamper yourself. Or have an at-home mani/pedi to save some cash.
>> Take yourself on a date and enjoy the "me time".
>> Write letters to friends or family that live far away. Everyone loves snail mail!
>> Do something you've always wanted to try but never have.
>> Have all of your single friends over for a big "date" tonight. 
>> Spend your time making that project you've been putting off or try some of the DIYs I posted about here and here

I am planning on a few things on this list for tonight! 
Single ladies - this is our day too!

♥ Kenzie

Need a last minute something?

Forget that it was Valentine's Day? Or just forget to get something?
How bout some free downloads??

These are the cutest cup wrappers ever!

watercolor hearts_samantha hahn

There are two free card downloads here!

Free Download and Print Modern Fun Kids Valentine's Cards Downloadable

Monsters + hearts = huge smiles every time! So cute!

So part DIY, part free download is great too. Especially when it works two ways! Go here to see how!

Valentine's day cards

These are super cute cards too!


I love love loveeee these vintage valentine downloads!! The yam one makes me laugh so hard! Head over to TipNut to grab one for yourself!

I hope your hunny loves these as much as I do! 

And to you *single ladies*, here's what I'm thinking about: printing these off for some of my friends and/or hiding one for myself somewhere to find later and make me smile :) 

♥ Kenzie

Happy Valentine's Day!

love makes the world go 'round - 8x10 giclee print

Whether you've got a special someone or are single today, tell someone that you love them. It will make your day wonderful.

 Have a wonderful day and check back for more posts later!
♥ Kenzie

Sunday, February 13

Valentine's Day DIY >>> Decor!


Valentine's Day doesn't need to be all about hearts. How about some arrow garland from Smile and Wave?


Tissue Paper Fringe?? Yes please! Ohdeedoh has this DIY from Danielle Thompson.

Design Sponge has some awesome DIYs {that I obviously love!}. And I already threw this one out there in this post but I love it so much. Definitely making these sometime soon!

So candles are a necessary right? Check out this tutorial at Flytape.

This headboard is soooo cute! Check it out at House Tweaking and make it!

♥ Kenzie