Friday, February 18

So much gets done when you wake up early. Who knew?

Surprising, {for a break} I've been getting up quite early these days. And although this makes me want a nap in the afternoon, {or as soon as I stop moving} I feel like I've accomplished more and the nap doesn't feel like time wasted. 

Here's what's going on today:

- did two guest talks at my old high school this morning
- lots of guitar playing, per usual
- laundry, laundry, laundry
- homework for Weaving I
- and later, meeting up with an old friend for the night 
for a basketball game and more guitar

Not a whole ton of stuff {I am on break} but good enough. Mostly, I'll be relaxing before the new semester starts up and makes me wish I had time for silly things like watching TV. 

♥ Kenzie

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