Thursday, February 10

Lovely-ness ♥


1. This french knot post. Loveee.

DIY iPhone skin tutorial 1

2. This DIY. Sooooo cute!!

3. Mmmmm don't these look amazing??

4. These are sooooo cute! Best DIY!

5. Love love LOVEEE this moon calendar!!

6. I'm loving these magnets.

7. This is too cute for words. Want!

8. Totally going to do this DIY this afternoon!


9. Okay, we're pretty much wearing the same outfit today. Took this photo *just* because I thought it was so funny. Sydney's posts are super funny and today is Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

project restyle 1

10. This before and after. Loveeeee

Have a lovely Thursday! I have exciting news later so check back!

♥ Kenzie

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