Sunday, August 29

91 post?!

Whoa. Someone's going to need to have a blog party soon and I think that someone is me!

This week is going to be full of packing, doctor's appointments and everything else that I need to do to get ready to drive back to school on Thursday. Whew. It's going to be packed. I have a lot of things that need to be done in a short amount of time! Wish me luck! 

Blog party will be on the day of the 100th post - I will announce when that will be soon - and promise there will be lots of fun stuff all day long for that. It's my first one so I better make it good! 

What have you all been up to lately?

♥ Kenzie

Friday, August 27

Giveaway anyone?

Hop on over to Sunday Morning Sugar for a fun giveaway!
It ends at midnight tonight! So go now!

Her blog is super cute so linger a bit on the posts. They are worth it :)

Have a great Friday! I'll be back later with more fun friday things.

♥ Kenzie

Wednesday, August 25


Look at this yummy cake I found with raspberry macaroons!! 

I had my first ones in NYC this weekend {macaroons that is} with one of my best friends, Toni. The macaroons were soooo yummy! I instantly wanted to learn how to make them.

It was such a cute store. I can't wait to go back next time I'm in the city. The raspberry ones were my favorite. 

What's your new favorite dessert?

♥ Kenzie 

p.s. Don't forget to scroll down for last night's photo shoot wonderfulness!

Photo Shoot Wonderfulness ♥

We had my first photo shoot last night for my pillows that I made for the craft show in July. My best friend Hannah McKenzie shot for me and did a wonderful job. I love her work :)

Here's some sneak peeks from the shoot:

The photos will be for my new Etsy site which will *hopefully* be up in a couple of weeks.
Between finishing a piece for a show {will explain more later}, getting ready to go back to Rhode Island {in about a week!!}, last minute appointments and trying to fit in going to Lake Placid {to see my dad}, it's going to be crazy.
I'm feeling the crazy already. Oh my. 
But it's all super exciting!

Also, I have some NYC pictures to post a bit later today! 

What has been super exciting in your life lately?

♥ Kenzie

Tuesday, August 24

Lovely Tuesdays ♥

Welcome to another Lovely Tuesday! I promised myself not to miss my Tuesday post so here I am! 

Some things I think are lovely this week are:

1. This pillow by Helkatdesign

They have gorgeous hand printed pillows :)

2. These embroideries on the Etsy blog

So wonderful!!

3. This illustration by Lauren Carney

She has beautiful work and is so sweet. She left me a comment yesterday that made my day. 
Thanks Lauren!

4. This easy and inexpensive cupcake tower DIY by Annie's Eats

It's too cute, no? 
She has beautiful food-tography too. {Like my new word? hehe} Enough to make your mouth water at every shot. I found her site through Emma's blog - From Scratch {which is also wonderfully full of recipes by the way}

5. This engagement photo that Alec Vanderboom took for Elsie and Jeremy.
{wow, that's a lot of links in one sentence!}

It is gorgeous and such a beautiful idea!
Alec has such wonderful photography.
Elsie is one of my favs overall.
And Jeremy has such beautiful music.
I can't say enough. They are all so talented.

6. This stamp set from Yellow Owl Workshop 

All of their things are so super cute! And I love Nautical themed lately.

7. This painting by Alicia Policia

I mean, how adorable is that? Lovely.

8. This photo by Seven Spoons

More beautiful food photos. I must be hungry...

9. This illustration by Stina Persson
{found on Modish


10. This photo by my wonderful friend, Hannah.

She's so fabulous. I love her work.

#11 - My first photo shoot today for my pillows with Hannah!
Hopefully this means I will have an Etsy account up and running soon! I'm so very excited.

I hope you all have a lovely, wonderful Tuesday!

♥ Kenzie

Monday, August 23

4 Simple Goals

Elsie's blog is, by far, my favorite blog. I look at it daily {usually more than once daily :x} because she has such great ideas, products and wonderful inspiration.

And here she goes again with 4 Simple Goals before 2011

I have been thinking for a while about what goals I would like to do for this. I figured it would be a good way to finish off the year. And I think I've come up with a few that I can handle.

1. Use my cookbooks more.

I am one of those people who can look in a fridge and see a bunch of random foods and just make something to eat out of it. My problem with that? I love to buy cookbooks. I find some {okay, lots} that I like and buy them and then they sit on the shelf and look pretty while I cook away in the kitchen. 

So I will use my cookbooks more and try new recipes every once in a while and put creases and fingerprints in those pages. They need some love. 

2. Finish more projects.

I feel like this woman a lot of the time, but with less paper and more fabric. I have this terrible habit of starting projects and then getting another idea that I love and starting a new one without finishing the last one. Poor projects. They're all half done and sad. 

Therefore, I will try to finish more projects. This is starting this week as I have a few looking at me right now saying, "Finish me please!"

3. Work out at least twice a week.

{wind up muscle beach boys? Yes, please!}

So, we're trying to think of actual, can-do goals right? Well, because of my ridiculous work load at school, I want to commit to twice a week to start. I'm just waiting for studio to take over my life again but I will make time for the gym this year. I know I will be taking a kickboxing class again {so much fun} so I just have to make up the other 50% which shouldn't be too hard. 

4. Take more pictures.

I have really been lacking in this department lately. I used to be the one taking all of the pictures and I loved having the randoms from the day before that all my friends would ask about. Now, not so much. Why the change? I'm not really sure but it should change back as I miss having all of those photos to look through and love.

4 Simple Goals. I think they are pretty good, no?

Are any of you participating? What are your goals?

♥ Kenzie

Sunday, August 22

Fall Fashions + NYC = ♥

Of course being in NYC, I have been lovingggg the new fall fashions on display. And of course, I had to share some of my favorite looks and my inspiration for my wardrobe this fall.

Marc by Marc Jacobs 

Also, look for bags at Fossil. They are wonderful.

That's all I have for now, but I felt the need to share as that's been a lot of what I've been thinking about lately. And Kamika's post reminded me that it's time to post about it.

What are some of your wardrobe inspirations for this fall?

♥ Kenzie

Saturday, August 21

I love New York

We {the fam and I} came down to NYC this weekend for a little getaway and it's been lots of fun.
Last night Mom and I did a little shopping and got hooked on Starbuck's Shaken Lemonade Iced Tea. {We had 2 within 2 1/2 hours} I figured out my base for my fall style {I'm pretty sure at least} and then we went to see Chicago on Broadway. It was great. 

I definitely have to take more pictures though. I've been pretty bad at doing that lately.
When I do take more and get home, I will definitely upload some fun ones to share!

Everyone have a good weekend! 
{And I'm sorry I skipped Lovely Tuesday this week!} 

What fun things are you doing this weekend? 

♥ Kenzie

Friday, August 20


I'm changing my major from Industrial Design to Textiles. 
I think this quote pretty much explains it all correctly. 

I'm nervous but I'm happy about it :) 

Lovely Tuesdays will be soon. Sorry for the delay!

Have you had any new big changes lately?

♥ Kenzie

Monday, August 16

A few thrifted finds

I haven't seen a good friend of mine, Sara, for some time now and she just came back home for a bit and we finally got some quality time in together thrifting at some of our favorite places around town. 

We stopped at the "Barn Sale" {we don't know what it's really called} It's a farm market, little country store/bakery and thrift/antique store. We love it. We definitely went once a week last summer.

Then we went to another little town where there are two stores right next to each other. I thought this Russian doll key holder was sooo cute but for $17, I figured I could make one myself which will be more fun anyway even though it is beautiful.

I got this pretty green bottle/vase and these dishes were probably my best find. There are about 10 small bowls, a big serving one. 4 dinner plates and a bunch of tea cups and saucers in great condition for $15!! I was so excited! {Not that I need dishes at all

I got some great other things too but the photos aren't uploading. They weren't that great of photos anyway so I guess I'll just have to take some better ones tomorrow! I have so much more to show you!

Have you found any great thrifting finds lately? 

♥ Kenzie

A little bit of...

... cute and funny. Just for your Sunday night :)

♥ Kenzie

Wednesday, August 11

Check these out!

Remember that long list of blogs I told you all about? Here's a bit more for your viewing pleasure.

Whimsicalities is a tumblr account that I found through the next blog. It has beautiful inspiration photos. In love.

The Sunshine Studio has pretty ring giveaways like this.

And more pretty inspiration like this. (I love these butterfly displays lately!) 
Her shop on Etsy is closed right now but the blog is still up!

Check out these and tell me what you think! 

Do you have any good inspiration blogs you've been looking at lately?

♥ Kenzie

Tuesday, August 10

Flipped upside down...

I'm sooooo sorry! I just started this amaaazing (and very tiring) internship at Geva Theatre.
It's soooo much fun but long hours - (7 am - 4:15 pm with an hour commute one way). I'm not complaining though; I've learned SO MUCH! I'm helping to build scenery with 4 carpenters for the play Amadeus. How exciting! 

The only downside is that I don't have too much time to work on projects at home like I have been, or on the blog!  Promise I will make more of an effort as I will be going back to school soon and will need to figure blogging and such around my schedule... hmm...

I have some great ideas though for new projects. Just need some time to shift through them!

So I'm sorry but the Lovely Tuesday will have to be put off... (again! So sorry!) But please enjoy the one below! Lots of links to keep you busy! And here is some inspiring photos I found on Imgfave lately:


Favorite :)

Have a good night. Post tomorrow!

♥ Kenzie