Wednesday, August 25

Photo Shoot Wonderfulness ♥

We had my first photo shoot last night for my pillows that I made for the craft show in July. My best friend Hannah McKenzie shot for me and did a wonderful job. I love her work :)

Here's some sneak peeks from the shoot:

The photos will be for my new Etsy site which will *hopefully* be up in a couple of weeks.
Between finishing a piece for a show {will explain more later}, getting ready to go back to Rhode Island {in about a week!!}, last minute appointments and trying to fit in going to Lake Placid {to see my dad}, it's going to be crazy.
I'm feeling the crazy already. Oh my. 
But it's all super exciting!

Also, I have some NYC pictures to post a bit later today! 

What has been super exciting in your life lately?

♥ Kenzie

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  1. Dont forget to send me an image and I can try farting around and making you a blog button!