Tuesday, August 3

Lovely Tuesdays ♥

Hello all! Sooo sorry for the week long lack of posts! My life has been a sort of whirlwind this past week and I haven't had a minute to just sit and write a post!

Like I told you all before, I have a ton of new blogs for you all to check out {if you haven't already} and some other fun things I found this week

1. Rachel's beautiful embroidery find

So jealous!

2. This T@B RV

I saw one of these on my way home from Rhode Island and almost died. I love it!

3. This quilt top by Film in the Fridge

I love love loveee her blog! She makes so many beautiful quilts!

4. This print by Inaluxe

Beautiful - and so many more! Go look!

There's no one thing I like about this blog. It's everything. Lots of love.

6. These Jersey Necklaces by IS.LY

Aren't they beautiful? And there's a tutorial! Ah!

7. This quilt by Sue Benner

So beautiful.

8. These quilt patterns by Anna Maria

This is a little blurry but you should check out the patterns. I'm a bit obviously obsessed with quilts right now... and I'm in the middle of making a few... :)

9. This mini book from Ali Edwards

So cute and there's a video tutorial and free download! Go check it out!

10. This quilt by Luke Haynes

Yes, it's a self portrait. And yes, it is a quilt. 

... I know. Love him too.

I hope you all have had a wonderful Tuesday! 

♥ Kenzie


  1. I am sooooo going to try and make one of those jersey shirt necklaces!