Monday, August 23

4 Simple Goals

Elsie's blog is, by far, my favorite blog. I look at it daily {usually more than once daily :x} because she has such great ideas, products and wonderful inspiration.

And here she goes again with 4 Simple Goals before 2011

I have been thinking for a while about what goals I would like to do for this. I figured it would be a good way to finish off the year. And I think I've come up with a few that I can handle.

1. Use my cookbooks more.

I am one of those people who can look in a fridge and see a bunch of random foods and just make something to eat out of it. My problem with that? I love to buy cookbooks. I find some {okay, lots} that I like and buy them and then they sit on the shelf and look pretty while I cook away in the kitchen. 

So I will use my cookbooks more and try new recipes every once in a while and put creases and fingerprints in those pages. They need some love. 

2. Finish more projects.

I feel like this woman a lot of the time, but with less paper and more fabric. I have this terrible habit of starting projects and then getting another idea that I love and starting a new one without finishing the last one. Poor projects. They're all half done and sad. 

Therefore, I will try to finish more projects. This is starting this week as I have a few looking at me right now saying, "Finish me please!"

3. Work out at least twice a week.

{wind up muscle beach boys? Yes, please!}

So, we're trying to think of actual, can-do goals right? Well, because of my ridiculous work load at school, I want to commit to twice a week to start. I'm just waiting for studio to take over my life again but I will make time for the gym this year. I know I will be taking a kickboxing class again {so much fun} so I just have to make up the other 50% which shouldn't be too hard. 

4. Take more pictures.

I have really been lacking in this department lately. I used to be the one taking all of the pictures and I loved having the randoms from the day before that all my friends would ask about. Now, not so much. Why the change? I'm not really sure but it should change back as I miss having all of those photos to look through and love.

4 Simple Goals. I think they are pretty good, no?

Are any of you participating? What are your goals?

♥ Kenzie


  1. Le sigh, I just realized that one of my blog buttons had a code error, I fixed it so peeps can re-grab it. Thanks by the way! I lovvvvvvvve Elsie's blog so much! I check it everyday too!

  2. Do you mind trying now? I really appreciated the help and feed back, think I fixed it this time! One tiiiiny lil extra / in there messed it all up. I edited the codes beneath the buttons.

    Fair went great, helping me save money for school! YAY!