Monday, October 31

WHT DIY :: Lacy Plaid Shirt

I did a DIY over at We Heart This! Lacy plaid shirt = definitely a fall/winter essential! 
Go check it out and let me know what you think!

♥ Kenzie

Saturday, October 29

There's a little witch in all of us.

Practical Magic has to be one of my favorite movies, especially during this time of the year. First of all, the house. I mean, it's amazing. I want a house just like that one day - A creaky old house with a big garden and that herb room!? Ugh. The aunts are awesome and meddling. Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman as the main actors. And magic. I could just watch it over and over again. And even though I love all the magical scenes, I think my favorite scene might be this one:

And of course, you *must* read the book. Alice Hoffman is one of my favorites. Just a great author.

I hope you all have a magical Halloween weekend!

♥ Kenzie

Tuesday, October 25

Tea and Tell Tuesday :: White Chocolate Mocha

It was definitely a coffee kind of day folks. White chocolate mocha that is. And a pumpkin cream cheese muffin on the side sounds good too. The lunches of college students are always so healthy, are they not?

Midterms are in full swing around these parts and you can feel it in the air. Everyone is and has been, back in the RISD mode, working their little behinds off. Luckily for the textiles department, we have the best teachers ever and they decided to space out the midterm due dates, so that we're not all going crazy and not sleeping for full weeks at a time. (not kidding. This happens often.) Really, best teachers around. We love them.

But, nonetheless, coffee was a necessity today. It usually is at the beginning of the week. I always feel like coffee gives a nice comfy feeling when it starts getting chilly too. White chocolate mocha is probably my favorite warm drink from Starbucks, but, I must say that I still need to try the pumpkin spice latte. It looks delicious. That will be soon I promise!

What's your favorite Fall Starbucks treat?

♥ Kenzie

Thursday, October 20

I'll be accepting presents for the rest of the week.

Wednesday was my half birthday. Oh yeah. I celebrate it. 
Below are some things that may be as ridiculously awesome as the Mad Hatter but, I wouldn't mind getting them for my half birthday. Or any day really. Feel free to take a peek and promptly place your order. You can email me for my shipping address. Just kidding, unless you really want to...
I've seen a couple of these before {Jenna Marbles anyone? *PARENTAL ADVISORY... BUT REALLY FUNNY*} and just love them. TMNT are amazing.

Awesome. I can scratch them off while I go!


Okay, so, he's already sold. {And yes, he is a "he". He goes by Henry.} But he's super freaking cute.

Um. There are very obvious reasons why I love this.

Someday, when I'm a cat lady, I will obviously have this. My kitty is going to be the coolest cat on the block.

I kind of need this shirt...

Whenever I see stamps like these, I always think about if I was a boss of some awesome company and I needed to approve people's articles {or something... idk} that I would definitely have these on my desk. That's how I would grade tests if I was a teacher too.
Tea Sub - Yellow Submarine Tea Infuser
A tea infuser that's a submarine. Do we really need to question this?

The Best Thing About Telepathy Is...I Know, Right - Custom 100% Cotton Canvas Tote Bag - FREE SHIPPING With Coupon Code

Ha. haha. Best tote ever.

If you know what this is, you've got to be as excited as I am that it exists. Yes, it's a Spyro Gyro pen. It's amazing.

And of course, I need a cardboard deer head for my wall. Duh.

So obviously, all the things that I'm longing for are extremely important contributions to my ridiculousness well-being. Very, very important.

I hope the next half year is even more ridiculous than the last.

♥ Kenzie 

Wednesday, October 19


LEARN from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

I just ran into this series and it is beautiful. It reminds me of all the reasons I love traveling - meeting new people, eating and especially, learning. 

Experiencing a part of a different culture, while immersed in that environment, has always been one of my favorite things about traveling. It's like a drug to me. I just want more and more. I keep asking questions and trying to dig a little deeper. I have never really liked the tourist bit. I think it definitely has it's place, but as a lover of languages also, I would rather be struggling to learn the language while living in a native's house than listening to a tour guided in perfect English. I think that by living with a family in a foreign environment, even if you can't understand everything, you can come to respect the people and learn so much more about what's around you, wherever you are, whether it's across the US or across the world. 

Even just sitting down for a family dinner at someone else's table is an eye opening event. It's an experience that I hope every person gets to enjoy, really listen and learn from at some point in their life. It is truly one of my favorite things to do in other places and where I feel I learn the most about the family dynamics and how the culture works as a whole. Amazing what you can learn in a few short hours.

Tell me about your experiences. Near or far. Across town or across the world.
Share your stories or a little about your culture. Wherever you are from.

♥ Kenzie

Monday, October 17

Home Textiles: End Table

We're back again for another quick and inexpensive way to make your home more home-y by using textiles in just a few minutes. Before, I showed you 5 easy ways, now we have one that will change your living room for sure.

I had these plastic drawers that I use to store studio supplies in just sitting in my living room with no other place to live. Since my apartment isn't that big, I need all the storage I can get, but I didn't like being able to see all the clutter through those drawers. 

My solution: Throw a sheet over it. 

I never use the top sheet on my bed, {I know, I'm weird. Whatev.} so, I always have one lying around. Covering the end table with it was an easy way to add some color and hide the mess in 2 minutes. I just tucked all the extra fabric behind the back. They are still easy to get to if I need something and just as easy to cover back up!

I also have used a cardboard box covered in a sheet for an end table. As long as your box is taped and not flimsy, it works great!

Think about using a printed sheet too. Or even print or dye your own. 
Whatever matches your taste and style.

♥ Kenzie

Tuesday, October 11

Carmel Apple Spice

To me, fall is apples. Apple pies, apple cider, raw apples, apple cake... I could keep going.

I grew up in Upstate NY a.k.a. apple country so I can't really help it. Every year, around this time, my body starts craving them. Upstate apples are something you have to try. Soon after, you'll be craving them too. I promise.

Because my cravings can't be fulfilled by NY apples at the moment, I settle for Rhode Island apples and Carmel Apple Spice from Starbucks. The drink = so delicious, though very sweet. It's hard for me to finish a whole one. It definitely fixed the cravings though. 

And on a cool fall day, it's perfect. I took mine on a walk through the park. It was a really great afternoon.

♥ Kenzie 

Monday, October 10

Braided Pigtails

I've never really been great at braiding hair. Pigtail braids are fine. French braids are... messy. I'll go with the pigtails, thank you. 

I usually feel like a little girl again when I wear my hair like this, but I'm ok with it.

Anyone have braiding tips?

♥ Kenzie

Do you freeze your fruit?

I love frozen blueberries. If you've never had them, go get some, throw em in a plastic bag and into the freezer now. You won't be disappointed later today. 

These blueberries are from this summer. My mom had bought a whole bunch when they were in season and froze them to use later. Luckily, I grabbed a bag before I left for school. 

They are super yummy to snack on, especially on warm days like today. {83 degrees!? What happened to fall??} And even though there are sweet and cold like ice cream, they are healthy too. Awesome. What fruits do you freeze and use later?

Today will be filled with text books, knitting samples and lots of sun.

♥ Kenzie

Pumpkin Pie Fro Yo

Kirsten came and hung out in Providence with me this weekend. We had a great time filled with thrift shops, yummy food and lots of laughs. Oh yeah, and of course there was plenty of DIY talk!

We both got pumpkin pie fro yo right before she left along with a few other flavors and toppings mixed in. It was so delicious and the perfect way to finish out her visit. 

♥ Kenzie

Saturday, October 8

Friendship Bracelets meet Feather Hair Clip, your new best friend.

There's been these trends lately of masses of friendship bracelets on arms and feathers in the hair - I love it.  So, I decided to combine them to get something a little different but still in style. Plus, it's super quick and easy to do.

You'll need: 
- a friendship bracelet
- feathers
- a bobby pin
- a hot glue gun

1. On one end of the bracelet, I had two longer strings. Tie one feather to each string at different lengths. 

2. Secure each knot and feather with a few drops of hot glue (not too much) and cut off the tails of the strings.

3. If you don't have a loop on the opposite end of your friendship bracelet, tie one. Put your bobby pin through the loop. Add another drop of hot glue to secure that. 

4. Wait for everything to dry completely. Pin at your roots any place in your hair.

Think about using natural feathers, making your own bracelets or adding beads.

Send me photos of your hair clips!

♥ Kenzie

Friday, October 7

Things I'm Lovin' :: Essentials for your Fall Wardrobe

A faux fur coat or vest and animal print.

A turban headband >> DIY one here.

Image of GemstoneImage of Secession KicksImage of Secession Rocks

A Southwest inspired bag... or Southwest inspired anything really.

Lace up boots.

Of course you need spiked boots. And you can probably DIY these... just saying.

And a fringe bag that you can DIY :) 

What are your favorite fall essentials?

♥ Kenzie