Monday, October 10

Do you freeze your fruit?

I love frozen blueberries. If you've never had them, go get some, throw em in a plastic bag and into the freezer now. You won't be disappointed later today. 

These blueberries are from this summer. My mom had bought a whole bunch when they were in season and froze them to use later. Luckily, I grabbed a bag before I left for school. 

They are super yummy to snack on, especially on warm days like today. {83 degrees!? What happened to fall??} And even though there are sweet and cold like ice cream, they are healthy too. Awesome. What fruits do you freeze and use later?

Today will be filled with text books, knitting samples and lots of sun.

♥ Kenzie

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  1. I actually LOOVE to freeze fruits my favourites are strawberries and raspberries YUM!!