Thursday, October 20

I'll be accepting presents for the rest of the week.

Wednesday was my half birthday. Oh yeah. I celebrate it. 
Below are some things that may be as ridiculously awesome as the Mad Hatter but, I wouldn't mind getting them for my half birthday. Or any day really. Feel free to take a peek and promptly place your order. You can email me for my shipping address. Just kidding, unless you really want to...
I've seen a couple of these before {Jenna Marbles anyone? *PARENTAL ADVISORY... BUT REALLY FUNNY*} and just love them. TMNT are amazing.

Awesome. I can scratch them off while I go!


Okay, so, he's already sold. {And yes, he is a "he". He goes by Henry.} But he's super freaking cute.

Um. There are very obvious reasons why I love this.

Someday, when I'm a cat lady, I will obviously have this. My kitty is going to be the coolest cat on the block.

I kind of need this shirt...

Whenever I see stamps like these, I always think about if I was a boss of some awesome company and I needed to approve people's articles {or something... idk} that I would definitely have these on my desk. That's how I would grade tests if I was a teacher too.
Tea Sub - Yellow Submarine Tea Infuser
A tea infuser that's a submarine. Do we really need to question this?

The Best Thing About Telepathy Is...I Know, Right - Custom 100% Cotton Canvas Tote Bag - FREE SHIPPING With Coupon Code

Ha. haha. Best tote ever.

If you know what this is, you've got to be as excited as I am that it exists. Yes, it's a Spyro Gyro pen. It's amazing.

And of course, I need a cardboard deer head for my wall. Duh.

So obviously, all the things that I'm longing for are extremely important contributions to my ridiculousness well-being. Very, very important.

I hope the next half year is even more ridiculous than the last.

♥ Kenzie 


  1. I definitely approve of the first two presents in your lists. The others are a little out of control, but it's your birthday so who cares? :) I think it is so cool that you celebrate your half birthday, which is something I've always wanted to do. Do you treat it like an unbirthday or half a birthday, with half a cake and such? I am glad I stumbled onto your blog, you seem fun!

  2. Oh my god this list is WONDERFUL. I laughed out loud at almost all of them. That T-Rex shirt is so great. It reminds me of Meet The Robinsons when the bad guy yells at the T-Rex...
    "What aren't you seizing the boy!?"
    "I have a big head...and little arms...I'm just not sure how well this plan was thought out."

  3. amazing post!!! love them all!!! nice!

  4. I think the are all gret presents. Maybe i'll put some of them in my list too. haha

  5. Alison - I definitely just did nothing all day. It was awesome but not so for my school work... but whatev.

    Mal - Meet the Robinsons is DEFINITELY my favorite movie. I laugh hysterically throughout the whole thing and then cry at the end EVERY TIME. embarrassing, but true. And also, I imitate that dinosaur quite a bit... *imagine me. dinosaur arms. wall. head against wall. trying to walk.* I think you get the picture?

    Cristi - Thank you :) I try to lead a ridiculous life. It's more fun.

    Bia - You definitely should! I found some real keepers, I think :)

    Sometimes useless junk makes life more fun.