Tuesday, October 11

Carmel Apple Spice

To me, fall is apples. Apple pies, apple cider, raw apples, apple cake... I could keep going.

I grew up in Upstate NY a.k.a. apple country so I can't really help it. Every year, around this time, my body starts craving them. Upstate apples are something you have to try. Soon after, you'll be craving them too. I promise.

Because my cravings can't be fulfilled by NY apples at the moment, I settle for Rhode Island apples and Carmel Apple Spice from Starbucks. The drink = so delicious, though very sweet. It's hard for me to finish a whole one. It definitely fixed the cravings though. 

And on a cool fall day, it's perfect. I took mine on a walk through the park. It was a really great afternoon.

♥ Kenzie 


  1. I'm in upstate NY and I need to go apple picking here! Where should I go?

  2. Oh wow you're in Syracuse for school!? I'm from a small town about an hour away! Crazy! Some of my friends from Rochester said they would go out to Sodus to go apple picking every year which is right by where I live. It'd be about an hour away from you. But you can check here: http://www.nyapplecountry.com/ to find a place to go! Have fun in Syracuse and pick lots of yummy apples!!

  3. Living here in Argentina, the seasons are reversed, so we're experiencing all the joys of spring at the moment. However, I will forever associate my October birthday with the fall, the changing of the leaves, Halloween and yes, apples. How I'd love to curl my hands around a cup of hot apple cider right now. Thanks for the nostalgia!