Monday, November 21

String Theory

I know it may seem funny, but I'm not all about color ALL the time. I do love me some classic black and white and that is exactly what String Theory loves too. 

String Theory is run by two amazing designers from Montreal, Canada. Using their limited color palette and seemingly simple patterns, they create these beautiful scarves and shawls that transform an outfit. Check out their winter collection here or purchase one of your own here.

♥ Kenzie

Annie Larson

^^^ The inspiration ^^^

^^^ The knitwear ^^^

Annie Larson is a knitwear designer and obviously amazing. I love the super bright colors she uses and how happy her models look in the photoshoot. If I had a clothing line, I would love to have bright, happy products like these! 

I also love that she included her inspiration for these pieces on her site. It's so fun and interesting to see where artists get their inspiration from. This time being from a sheet of vintage mix-and-match stickers. Awesome!

Hope you are all enjoying your Monday!

♥ Kenzie

Sunday, November 20

Hey there stud.

I may or may not be a little obsessed with these. Studs on heels remind me of spurs on boots. Dangerous but super hot.  I saw a pair like this today and almost died, so, of course I had to google it when I got home. I smell a new DIY? 

♥ Kenzie

Friday, November 18

The view from my balcony

I love fall in New England. It's so full of color and so nice to look out my back window and see this view in the middle of November! 

I have been very busy in studio lately working on projects for class. It's been a little crazy. After Thanksgiving break, finals are in full progress which is even more crazy, so I'm trying to keep my motivation going to get as much work done before break as possible. It gets hard to keep the motivation when break is so close you can smell it. And oh, it smells so good! Like, freedom and sleep.

♥ Kenzie

Wednesday, November 16

A little inspiration.

Pinned Image

♥ Kenzie

p.s. I'm kind of obsessed with Pinterest these days. Can you tell?

Wednesday, November 9

Head over to WHT!

Hey guys! I did another DIY over at We Heart This! I made this no-sew fleece poncho >> perfect for the chilly weather that's been happening lately. Go check it out
Have a great day!

♥ Kenzie

Sunday, November 6

The last two weeks of my life.

Well, hey there! Can I update you on the past two weeks? Here goes nothing...

Lots of these.

Lots of time in here.

Weaving lots of "pavement"

Hanging out with this pretty girl as much as possible

And thennnnn ---

This weekend was Artist's Ball which is our huge costume party at RISD. I was a Hershey's Kiss!

I was getting putting on eyeliner and so not ready for this photo obviously... or maybe that's when I messed up my make-up... again.

A photo from Artist's Ball 

And then there were yummy cupcakes with wonderful people!

Nine super yummy cupcakes from Duck & Bunny

And fifteen minutes later...

I wouldn't say I've been busy, would you?
One more midterm to go. Are any of you in midterms right now? or as busy as I am?

♥ Kenzie

{Side note: Thank you to my friends for taking such great pictures that I can borrow :) Love you guysss!! hehe}