Sunday, November 6

The last two weeks of my life.

Well, hey there! Can I update you on the past two weeks? Here goes nothing...

Lots of these.

Lots of time in here.

Weaving lots of "pavement"

Hanging out with this pretty girl as much as possible

And thennnnn ---

This weekend was Artist's Ball which is our huge costume party at RISD. I was a Hershey's Kiss!

I was getting putting on eyeliner and so not ready for this photo obviously... or maybe that's when I messed up my make-up... again.

A photo from Artist's Ball 

And then there were yummy cupcakes with wonderful people!

Nine super yummy cupcakes from Duck & Bunny

And fifteen minutes later...

I wouldn't say I've been busy, would you?
One more midterm to go. Are any of you in midterms right now? or as busy as I am?

♥ Kenzie

{Side note: Thank you to my friends for taking such great pictures that I can borrow :) Love you guysss!! hehe}

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  1. YO! I found your blog when searching for "the RISD balls" in google images. Scroll down a bit, and pictures of you and the crew start popping up. Hilarious.