Thursday, November 19

Crazy week...

... but I will be back soon! The week before Thanksgiving break is always a rush to get everything done because when we come back we blink and it's winter break!

For now, I will leave you with some quick inspiration and then I'm back to work. (Long night ahead of me!)
Just some of my favorites this week:

I love tree houses oh so much.


This looks so cozy!

So cute.

A picture from home. I can't wait ♥

Until then, back to homework.
♥ Kenzie

Sunday, November 15

Dreaming about...

... this guitar. It is so beautiful. And the photo is gorgeous.
Hope your Sunday is wonderful.

♥ Kenzie

One week (ish) to go

In about a week, my friend and I will be heading back to Upstate NY for Thanksgiving! There is so much to do before then but I am so excited to see old friends and lots of family. We have many plans for the break that I don't think we can get them all done!

I have been dreaming about a roadtrip for a while now and of course this one isn't too long (6 hours-ish) but it will still be great to get behind the wheel and just drive. I love that feeling. Maybe someday soon, I can just hop in my car and drive across the country with no plans and no attachments. Free to do as I wish.






from Elsie

My last roadtrip was with this beautiful girl

to this beautiful place ♥

Where do you want to roadtrip?
♥ Kenzie

Thursday, November 12

Magical Places

I've been dreaming of magical places lately. A place where I can get away from everything.

Maybe I'll build another fort in my room like I did last Thanksgiving break. It was so cozy.
Where are your magical places?


Tuesday, November 10

I'm not quite sure how to upload a video yet, but this is the cutest wedding invitation! I found it on a new blog I found called Drops of Jupiter which you should also check out because she has some wonderful images there!

I hope you all made it through your mondays ok!
♥ Kenzie

p.s. This picture is an oldie but a goodie... I think so anyways :)

Monday, November 9

Places to see, places to map...

So I thought I was obsessed with maps before, and then I decided to take this cartography class... it's worse. I LOVE maps. Any kind of map, hand drawn, from memory, political maps, subway maps, geographical maps, I love them all.

We had to get this AMAZING book for our class called You Are Here: Personal Geographies and Other Maps of the Imagination by Katharine Harmon and it is beautiful. Whether you like maps or not, if you are an artist, this book is just simply amazing.

She also just came out with another book: The Map as Art: Contemporary Artists Explore Cartography
Definitely ordering it and I am so excited!

Anyways, right now I am researching mapping from memory. I found that I can remember my room and where everything is in my room like the back of my hand. And I thought that was pretty interesting, therefore my final paper is on this very idea. I think I'm also going to make a map of my room to test it out. :)

While that's in progress, here are some great maps.




Map cookies!!

source for last 3 - I love all of these!

And just one more for all of the dreamers of this wonderful place ♥

These are some great memory maps also.

Enjoy the places you are, and dream of the places you'll go!
♥ Kenzie

Wednesday, November 4


As an artist, I have my digital inventory and actual inventory of objects, photos, magazines, articles and "junk" (as my mom likes to call it) that inspires me in some way. I have so much stuff that I keep for future projects, ideas and just basic inspiration.

Lately, one of my favorite things to collect has been the tags on bread bags that keep them closed. I don't know why but I keep them. One day, I think I will find out why. I also collect tickets and tags. Another thing (that I just found a project for!!!) is when I go on trips, I will keep everything from receipts to subway maps and bring it home with me. I have scrapbooked before and I do like it, but I am more into painting and collage so I (finally) have plans for these items.

Some people think that they should live a simplified life, free of the "stuff" of the world, but I am an artist. I need stuff for inspiration. I am an industrial designer. I create the stuff of the world. I LOVE STUFF!

I think it's my natural way to collect and collecting I will do! Here are some great collection inspiration I found:


I think I want to start collecting these.

This one is called: Boxes of Cute!!


Owls! ♥

Rachel has a wonderful collection of globes that I am sooo jealous of!
(I'm obsessed with maps and globes now too.. hehe)

What do you collect? Or what are you obsessed with these days?
Enjoy your collecting!

♥ Kenzie