Wednesday, November 4


As an artist, I have my digital inventory and actual inventory of objects, photos, magazines, articles and "junk" (as my mom likes to call it) that inspires me in some way. I have so much stuff that I keep for future projects, ideas and just basic inspiration.

Lately, one of my favorite things to collect has been the tags on bread bags that keep them closed. I don't know why but I keep them. One day, I think I will find out why. I also collect tickets and tags. Another thing (that I just found a project for!!!) is when I go on trips, I will keep everything from receipts to subway maps and bring it home with me. I have scrapbooked before and I do like it, but I am more into painting and collage so I (finally) have plans for these items.

Some people think that they should live a simplified life, free of the "stuff" of the world, but I am an artist. I need stuff for inspiration. I am an industrial designer. I create the stuff of the world. I LOVE STUFF!

I think it's my natural way to collect and collecting I will do! Here are some great collection inspiration I found:


I think I want to start collecting these.

This one is called: Boxes of Cute!!


Owls! ♥

Rachel has a wonderful collection of globes that I am sooo jealous of!
(I'm obsessed with maps and globes now too.. hehe)

What do you collect? Or what are you obsessed with these days?
Enjoy your collecting!

♥ Kenzie

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