Tuesday, December 28

Yummy home baked goodness!

Today, I made bread. And not the frozen kind you get at the grocery store and shove in the oven. 

I made it from scratch. 

This may not be an achievement to some people. I mean, I have made breads before. But I have never made bread where I was kneading and waiting and kneading and waiting all day until I could finally smell the yummy aromas coming from my oven. Before, bread I made was - mix, pour, bake, done! Now, I feel a little bit different about bread. 

How did this whole thing get started you ask?
Well, back when I was in second grade... ha ha just kidding. 

So for a few years now, I have been dreaming of a farm. Not a big, huge farm... okay a big, huge farm, but a small farm would be nice to start. A place where I can grow a garden, have chickens and some sheep and live a little happy life. Well, my mom got me this book for Christmas:


And I couldn't put it down. This girl is doing basically what I want to do and slowing building up her farm, little by little. I loved every second of it. Great book. 

She has a blog too - here - which is also keeping me busy, since I finished the book in two days and have nothing else farm-y to read yet. (I don't think I have ever read a book in two days) 

Anyways, since I can't have chickens/any animals yet. I've decided to learn other parts of being "sustainable" and creating my own food. As much as I can, at least, while living in an apartment in Providence and being a full time student at a college that never lets up on work. Should be interesting. 

I want to learn how people made their food when it wasn't all wrapped up nicely on the grocery store shelves for them. Plus, I think food tastes a lot better when you use fresh veggies to make your sauce rather than just pouring on whatever you find in the Ragu glass jar. (Although, I do like Ragu) Try it sometime and you might be surprised. I know I was!

I want to make a switch to a tastier life as well as healthier. Life is a little bit tastier when you put some effort into it and that little bit of effort makes your food look so so awesome when you know you made it yourself!

Hope you're having a tasty day!

♥ Kenzie

Monday, December 27

Never before seen night

Tonight is a night of the never before seen.

Breakfast at Tiffany's is first on the list - a long awaited "need to watch" movie.

Second is about 7 rolls of negatives that have been waiting patiently to be scanned for years. (about five. eek!)

In general, I'll be relaxing, as I have been. So nice. :) 

Hope you all are having a relaxing Monday as well.

♥ Kenzie

Friday, December 24

Happy Holidays!

Over in my neck of the woods, we celebrate Christmas, but whatever you are celebrating, be safe and have fun with family and friends! It'll be nice for everyone to take a break from everything and be with all the people that make their life great. :) 

The old Rudolph is my favorite holiday movie. What's yours?

Happy holidays everyone!

♥ Kenzie

Thursday, December 16

♥ ♥ ♥ !!!

I reaaaaally want to start a vintage clock collection.  I have 3 now - one vintage and 2 modern clocks with vintage design. And I love this vintage travel alarm clock! 

Wouldn't it be so cute? Ah!

What are you collecting these days?

♥ Kenzie

Wednesday, December 15

Things I'm Lovin' Lately

It's sort of Tuesday right? (as in Lovely)

1. This dress from Sea of Shoes. Holy jealous. 

2.  This tree skirt DIY over at Smile and Wave

3. This looks sooooo yummy! Thanks for the recipe Smitten Kitchen!

mushrooms in garlic caper butter

4. This stocking DIY at Free People


5. I really want a white Christmas tree. So pretty! I love this one from Apartment Therapy.


6. This deer collection at Happymeat -- want one!

Hope you all are ready for the holidays! I know I am!

♥ Kenzie

Saturday, December 11

In my past lives...

I have a confession to make: Sometimes I wonder who I was in my past lives.
It seems silly sometimes but I like it :)

Here's some things that I think I might have been in my past lives:

- a chef and/or pastry chef
- a musician
- a farmer
- a seamstress
- a gypsy (feeling this one lately a lot)
- a native american woman
- a golden retriever
- a pilot
- a racer of some sort - as in vehicle
- a skateboarder

Some are practical things. Some are not. All me in some way. All I feel a strong connection with and may feel more at different times than others. 

Do you think you have been someone/thing else in a past life?

♥ Kenzie

Friday, December 10

Got some bloglovin' going on :)

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Cute DIY!

I know I said I was going to post regularly again next week, but it's Friday and I could not pass up the chance to share! 

Everyone is looking for cute DIY gifts for this Christmas (and hoping that they can finish them all like me!) so here's a simple, adorable one just found on Design Sponge.

A daily journal where you can jot down little things that happen every year. So cute! 
Check out the full tutorial here.

What DIYs are you doing for presents this year? 

♥ Kenzie

Thursday, December 9

Pretty Food ♥

I know this post is overwhelmed with photos. But they are all so pretty I couldn't choose. :) 

Finals this week - wish me luck! I'll be back to posting regularly next week! Yay!
Wishing you all the best week!

♥ Kenzie