Tuesday, December 28

Yummy home baked goodness!

Today, I made bread. And not the frozen kind you get at the grocery store and shove in the oven. 

I made it from scratch. 

This may not be an achievement to some people. I mean, I have made breads before. But I have never made bread where I was kneading and waiting and kneading and waiting all day until I could finally smell the yummy aromas coming from my oven. Before, bread I made was - mix, pour, bake, done! Now, I feel a little bit different about bread. 

How did this whole thing get started you ask?
Well, back when I was in second grade... ha ha just kidding. 

So for a few years now, I have been dreaming of a farm. Not a big, huge farm... okay a big, huge farm, but a small farm would be nice to start. A place where I can grow a garden, have chickens and some sheep and live a little happy life. Well, my mom got me this book for Christmas:


And I couldn't put it down. This girl is doing basically what I want to do and slowing building up her farm, little by little. I loved every second of it. Great book. 

She has a blog too - here - which is also keeping me busy, since I finished the book in two days and have nothing else farm-y to read yet. (I don't think I have ever read a book in two days) 

Anyways, since I can't have chickens/any animals yet. I've decided to learn other parts of being "sustainable" and creating my own food. As much as I can, at least, while living in an apartment in Providence and being a full time student at a college that never lets up on work. Should be interesting. 

I want to learn how people made their food when it wasn't all wrapped up nicely on the grocery store shelves for them. Plus, I think food tastes a lot better when you use fresh veggies to make your sauce rather than just pouring on whatever you find in the Ragu glass jar. (Although, I do like Ragu) Try it sometime and you might be surprised. I know I was!

I want to make a switch to a tastier life as well as healthier. Life is a little bit tastier when you put some effort into it and that little bit of effort makes your food look so so awesome when you know you made it yourself!

Hope you're having a tasty day!

♥ Kenzie


  1. this book sounds amazing! one of my life goals is to have a farm that is completely self-sufficient.

    and your bread looks delish! :D

  2. Oh great, I was looking for a new book! Ill have to check this out. hope you have been doing well sweete!

  3. Just letting you know that I dropped by your blog for the first time ever after reading through the long list of introductions on Cold Antler Farms' blog. Hello from Michigan!
    I agree, this is a really good book. Jenna is very inspiring! I'm finding creative inspiration here on your blog as well. I'll probably be checking back in on your blog in the future.