Tuesday, July 27

Putting a hold on some things...

Due to things going on in my life at the moment, there may be a hold on the Lovely Tuesday for today. 
Maybe. Maybe not. 

Things are just a bit rough lately, but I know I have some great things to share with you. All stored up and waiting to be revealed. 

Hope all is well with all of you!

♥ Kenzie

Monday, July 26

My dream house will have...

A tree in the middle of my living room.

A library full of wonderful books.

A cozy loft and beautiful chandeliers. 

A beautiful spiral staircase.

A bedroom with lots of windows and a canopy. 

A wonderful, bright, patterned floor.

A kitchen with a huge sky light.

A beautiful tree with a treehouse.

A porch with a comfy swing.

And a field of sunflowers.

What will be in your dream house?

♥ Kenzie

Saturday, July 24

Sorry bout the M.I.A. -ness...

Things have been pretty crazy around here. I got home and had to jump into yard sale mode - meaning - cleaning out closets, basements and attic spaces. Yikes. 

And now, I am heading off to Rhode Island on Monday. But -- good news! -- I will be bringing my laptop with me so there will still be lots of good posts coming your way! 

For now, since I have no photos of my new projects or fun finds from our clean out - there's a few good ones! - you'll have to deal with some cute inspiration I found this week. I'm sure you won't mind.

Two things I seemed to be obsessed with this week. Black and whites/old ads and house decor... 


loveee this one.

I really love old cars lately. 

{all above from FFFFOUND}

Apparently, America was obsessed with slugs at one time. I mean, I don't care, I just like the ad. :)

And of course, a little vintage kitchen love.

Ohhh Lucy... 

{all from Decor to Adore}

{all above from FFFFOUND}

Aren't they all so beautiful?

{above two from Apartment Therapy}
I have a thing for chocolate colored walls... maybe it's because of the chocolate part.

And who doesn't want a yellow door? I know I do.

{Above two from Imgfave}

I watched "Some Like it Hot" tonight. Such a cute movie with Marilyn... I'm still in love with "My Fair Lady" though. I need more black and whites to watch. I'm obsessed. Suggestions?

Oh and what are your favorite decor blogs/sites?

♥ Kenzie

Tuesday, July 20

Lovely Tuesdays ♥

I will be going to Lake Placid for a few days... to spend time with my dad and relaxing > I feel like I need it after that craft show and the fact that I've been sort of stressed. It'll be a nice break. 
{Love this photo from imgfave}

So anyway - here's your dose of Lovely Tuesdays and inspiration until I make it back on Thursday.

1. These amazing crayons

I wish to meet the amazing person who did this one day. 

2. This window with these beautiful hanging plants

I know I will have a room or two filled with plants when I have my own house.

3. Lune Vintage Pop-Up Series

She's writing the behind the scenes scoop about her 10 day show. Such great stuff - I really appreciate it since I'm getting into craft shows. Great tips!

4. Fong's Studio owls!

They are so cute! I want this one so bad!

5. The Photojojo Store

They have SO much cute stuff but isn't this adorable? haha

6. This beautiful print from deebeale's shop
It's sooo beautiful! I want all of them but I loveee this one!

7. Chelsea Conboy's illustrations and poster designs

I love this poster and I loveeee her illustrations on carbonmade << Fun website.

They have lots of fun ideas for baking. Not just your grandma's baking {which is never bad anyway...} but this is lotsss of fun!

9. This photo from Lucia Dolci

I really like bug collections lately or fake ones. Like the ones made with pretty paper. I've been thinking about making one for a while... with paper of course. Butterflies are way too pretty flying around my yard :)

10. And some tumblr love

It's beautiful :)

I hope you enjoyed your Lovely Tuesday!

Enjoy your next few days and I'll see you all soon!

♥ Kenzie

Sunday, July 18

Crafty craft show-ness

My first craft show! {phew... got that out of the way.} I'm sitting behind my side of the table and the other side is KatieLis Design - one of my best friends who unfortunately, couldn't make it. But I sold her beautiful greeting cards for her! 

It went well and I met a lot of great people! Thanks for all of my friends and family for coming and supporting me! {You know who you all are :)}

Also, I met a great couple, Carol and Curt of Silvery Moon Designs, who helped me with my tent and invited me to another craft show that sounds too fun to pass up! They were so helpful in their advice and really made me feel welcome. Their jewelry is beautiful and I couldn't thank them enough for everything!

I also met a great mom and her 3 daughters who stopped by and chatted with me for a bit. Then, mom came back and said her daughter had gone hunting for my site to see if she could buy a headband online! So cute! It made my day! {Promise I will have an Etsy site soon!} So she came back to buy a headband for her. I was so excited! {I think the daughter's name was Jenna. I could be wrong because I'm so terrible with names but you probably know who you are and- Hi! Thanks for making my day!}

The whole day was pretty great. I don't have a lot of pictures but it was wonderful nonetheless.
And I think I will be doing another show this coming August! I'll let you know details soon!

Again - thanks to everyone who came out! It was hot but it was lots of fun!

After that week, I would've thought I would need a break from crafting, but I must have the productivity bug... the urge just keeps coming. I'll give you some updates soon on what I'll be working on!

♥ Kenzie

Friday, July 16

Leaping with Appetizers

{source: yours truly}

Lots of mixed feelings bubbling up inside me as I am a day away form my first ever craft show. 
Worried/super excited/nervous/ready-to-jump-up-and-down... or off a waterfall.

But I feel ready to leap and to really do this. Lots of butterflies, but happy ones.

Ohhhh I have sooo many links to share with you. Last night, due to nerves and addiction to blogs, I was up rather late {into the wee hours of the night... or morning} finding new blogs, sites, designers and amazing artists. Needless to say, I have so much to share and I can't do it all on one post for fear of you all being a little overwhelmed. {as I'm feeling with my "discoveries"}

Therefore, I will post them few at a time. Then it's more fun anyway :)

Here are a few to check out before we really get running on this. 
Think of them as your appetizer.

First up - to get your fashion remix satisfied, we have Idée Géniale
{I don't know how to say her name either, but she's super cute.}
*Update* It's pronounced "eday jainyal" and means Brilliant Idea. I like it.

She's part of a group called "Delightful Dozen" - a group of girl bloggers who love style. I think it's super cute and amazing. I will most likely be talking about all of their personal blogs at some point here. But for right now, she's who I could get to :)

Next up on the appetizer platter, Julie Anna. Her greeting cards are super cute.

This one might be my favorite. I love robots.

And elephants... oh shoot, they are all so cute I can't decide. 

Well, you have your appetizers for the day and warning, this might be a 10 course meal as there are so many delicious sites to dish out, so save room and don't devour too much!
{Who am I kidding, there's always room for more right?}

Have a good day! And check back later today for photos of craft show progress!

♥ Kenzie