Thursday, July 15

Things are progressing...

The craft show is just a few days away at this point and I'm feeling pretty good. 
The week started out like this:

The railing in the loft was being used as my drying rack. 
And the loft has slowly made it's way back to being my "studio"... or as my mom likes to call it "Mackenzie's Sweat Shop". 

Now, I have lots {and I mean lots} of sewn pillows and about half are stuffed. They *will* be finished this afternoon and I will get a picture up here. 

And for a while {as in 3 days} I was fighting with my business cards. Everything seemed right. I tried three templates, printed them all out different ways, played with the margins... nothing was working. Finally, we found out it was the printer... luckily, I used my mom's printer and they came out perfect. How frustrating it was, but so glad it worked in the end.

{Thanks sooooo much to Sunny for the design and Cindy for the printing help!}

So I have a few other fun things for the show like the headbands I posted about before and some fun vintage wallpaper notebooks!

I like them :) 

So hopefully this will all come together by Saturday. It's looking good.

Another update will be coming tonight!

♥ Kenzie

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