Friday, July 16

In the city

I'm sorry these aren't the best pictures of my growing little city but I promise to take more tomorrow in the daylight. 

These are the ones I have left to sew up.
The good thing is, {and I just remembered this...} the people hosting the craft show would like us to "demonstrate" our work while we sell, meaning I can sew these at the show. Oh yeah. 

I watched this movie for the first time while I sewed and stuffed. Why hadn't I seen this before? One of my new favorites by far. Any old movie suggestions?

Also - exciting news! I went to Barnes and Noble today, which is always scary for my wallet, and got a book I've been wanting.

Very excited for this one. Trying to brush on my business skills.

I've been reading this one, but it seems like the other has some things {more detail-y stuff} that Craft Inc. doesn't. {And I cannot confirm this yet, just an observation from flipping through}

 Don't get me wrong. Craft Inc. is an AMAZING book. It has helped me soooo much and I've learned A LOT. I would just like to gain as much knowledge as possible before really diving into this thing {a.k.a. business}. And I'm excited to compare the two - I'll let 'cha know.

Anyway, much thanks to Flower for holding my light for me tonight.

*Thanks Flower!*

{Sorry, get a little goofy at this hour... *ahem* more goofy. Goofy is an all-the-time thing for me}


♥ Kenzie


  1. I think I need to go get both the books....I appear to be frozen as if in stage fright at the thought of finally opening my Etsy shop! I need a good kick in the butt!

  2. The Handmade Marketplace is great! I still haven't gotten to far into it but I was right - it has more of the detail-y stuff. Craft Inc. is more of a general outline but it's a good start point. Hopefullyyyy I will get that etsy site up soon... *crosses fingers*