Tuesday, July 20

Lovely Tuesdays ♥

I will be going to Lake Placid for a few days... to spend time with my dad and relaxing > I feel like I need it after that craft show and the fact that I've been sort of stressed. It'll be a nice break. 
{Love this photo from imgfave}

So anyway - here's your dose of Lovely Tuesdays and inspiration until I make it back on Thursday.

1. These amazing crayons

I wish to meet the amazing person who did this one day. 

2. This window with these beautiful hanging plants

I know I will have a room or two filled with plants when I have my own house.

3. Lune Vintage Pop-Up Series

She's writing the behind the scenes scoop about her 10 day show. Such great stuff - I really appreciate it since I'm getting into craft shows. Great tips!

4. Fong's Studio owls!

They are so cute! I want this one so bad!

5. The Photojojo Store

They have SO much cute stuff but isn't this adorable? haha

6. This beautiful print from deebeale's shop
It's sooo beautiful! I want all of them but I loveee this one!

7. Chelsea Conboy's illustrations and poster designs

I love this poster and I loveeee her illustrations on carbonmade << Fun website.

They have lots of fun ideas for baking. Not just your grandma's baking {which is never bad anyway...} but this is lotsss of fun!

9. This photo from Lucia Dolci

I really like bug collections lately or fake ones. Like the ones made with pretty paper. I've been thinking about making one for a while... with paper of course. Butterflies are way too pretty flying around my yard :)

10. And some tumblr love

It's beautiful :)

I hope you enjoyed your Lovely Tuesday!

Enjoy your next few days and I'll see you all soon!

♥ Kenzie

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