Tuesday, July 13

Doors, Windows and Ink

Taking a little break from work to blog. Lots of stamping going on over here! 

I took a *long* nap today... meaning, I'm probably going to be up for a while. Hopefully, the time will be productive. I'm quite the night owl generally so it should be... let's hope.

Here's another sneak peek at what I'm doing.

Of course, there will be pictures when I have my little city all done. And of course, these are for the craft show. What isn't for the show lately? 

Lots of things to get done this week - I'm going to be crazy. Went shopping today and picked up, what will hopefully be, the last of the supplies I need for Saturday. 
{Knowing me, it probably isn't the last trip I'll be making to the store...}

Ohhh and I found the coolest thing today! {At least I think so..}

I was in Hobby Lobby -- which happens to be one of my favorite stores ever because they have *everything* I've ever wanted... in my life -- and I was looking for paint for upcoming projects and I found the glass section. {They have everything there!} So I'm instantly interested, of course, and I look around and find a glass kiln that you use in the MICROWAVE! 

{this is the kit I found}

I was SO EXCITED! {... obviously}

{Here's a peek at what it looks like. Found on etsy}

So I looked at it for about 15 - 20 minutes, read all the things it came with and thought to myself - Even though it's waaayyy out of my budget, the kit looks so worth it! Look at all the things it comes with!

And then, I stepped away... And ran down the isle before the strong force of the "good price" pulled me back and made me reach for my credit card. I was proud of myself, but it was hard. Whew...

Anyways, that was my excitement for the day! Hobby Lobby adventures... ahhh...

Stop back tomorrow {today} for Lovely Tuesdays
{I changed the name for my Tuesday inspiration post... :)}

Have a good night everyone!

♥ Kenzie

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