Tuesday, July 13

Lovely Tuesdays ♥

So I originally named this Tuesday Triggers. And it sounded okay until it just made me think of guns. That may just be the Upstate girl in me, making me think of guns, but I decided, not exactly what I wanted for my blog.

As it's a new feature, I felt I had the right to change the name. {I mean, it's my blog anyway...}
I like the word "lovely" lately so it only seemed right :)

Here are the lovely things I'm enjoying this Tuesday!

1. The paintings of Lesley Vance found on Little Paper Planes

I love how abstract and dark they are. It looks like you are looking through a hole to a brighter side.

Her black and white photography is amazing.

3. This bicycle trailer

Why wouldn't you want this??? I love it...

4. This adorable print.

It's perfect.

5. These App cupcakes!

I love cupcakes... and I love these!

6. This illustration

So funny. So true. :)

7. This tattoo

It's so simple and so cute!

8. This site

I found it on Searching for Serendipity - very cute blog btw.

But this site is very worth the 10 hours you're going to spend on it. The one of my mom and I is from this morning... as you can tell from our bed heads. hee hee

9. This photo

It's so true. And really sweet.

10. This girl

She's so cute!! And I love her nail polish.

Hope you liked your dose of Lovely Tuesday ~ most of the images were found on Imgfave - a photo sharing site a.k.a. a wonderful new site that I love. I've decided I need to get a Tumblr account too. There's just so much inspiration!!

Enjoy your Tuesday! I'll be working my little hands away for the rest of the day!

♥ Kenzie


  1. loved first two photos ;) two thumbs up! - xavier(toni's bro haha)

  2. Oh thanks so much for the props! Very sweet of you :) I love making new blog friends!!!

    I ADORE that print too, what a neat idea!

  3. You're very welcome! I *need* some blog friends and I love making new friends :)