Sunday, July 18

Crafty craft show-ness

My first craft show! {phew... got that out of the way.} I'm sitting behind my side of the table and the other side is KatieLis Design - one of my best friends who unfortunately, couldn't make it. But I sold her beautiful greeting cards for her! 

It went well and I met a lot of great people! Thanks for all of my friends and family for coming and supporting me! {You know who you all are :)}

Also, I met a great couple, Carol and Curt of Silvery Moon Designs, who helped me with my tent and invited me to another craft show that sounds too fun to pass up! They were so helpful in their advice and really made me feel welcome. Their jewelry is beautiful and I couldn't thank them enough for everything!

I also met a great mom and her 3 daughters who stopped by and chatted with me for a bit. Then, mom came back and said her daughter had gone hunting for my site to see if she could buy a headband online! So cute! It made my day! {Promise I will have an Etsy site soon!} So she came back to buy a headband for her. I was so excited! {I think the daughter's name was Jenna. I could be wrong because I'm so terrible with names but you probably know who you are and- Hi! Thanks for making my day!}

The whole day was pretty great. I don't have a lot of pictures but it was wonderful nonetheless.
And I think I will be doing another show this coming August! I'll let you know details soon!

Again - thanks to everyone who came out! It was hot but it was lots of fun!

After that week, I would've thought I would need a break from crafting, but I must have the productivity bug... the urge just keeps coming. I'll give you some updates soon on what I'll be working on!

♥ Kenzie


  1. Congrats on completing your first craft show! That is a lot of work, you should be super proud of yourself!!!!

  2. Im glad that i made your day!!! my name is Jenna and Im enjoying my headband... Im an artist myself so yeah that headband was like totally me when I saw it...but Im attempting to be frugle lol I love your stuff

  3. Thanks so much Jenna! I'm glad I got your name right and I'm glad you're enjoying the headband! haha