Wednesday, July 7

Clean closets? Yes, please.

So there seems to have been more cleaning around here lately than making... which isn't a bad thing. It was much needed cleaning. And I'm sooo happy with the results I've had {which is why I'm being a dork and posting them... hehe}

Oh and also, my mom and I have determined that the people who designed our house reeeaaally liked doors. Yes, doors. There are 7 {SEVEN.} doors in my room. 

Yes, *seven*. {I have 2 closets which have 3 doors each... I know} I'm not complaining about the closets at all, but really... seven doors?


I took on a smaller-ish project first - the bathroom and the hall closet. 

Then moved on to this in my room - which was FULL of clothes. I think most of my clothing donation came from this closet. 

Then, in the spare room, the art closet. I don't have a "studio" {yet} so I just store things here and work in my room or the loft. Or wherever I can... this was a big project.

Then back to my room for this closet. Which *is* better than before.

And I found some {ok a lot} film!! {I think I mentioned that before} 

I need to scan all of this... sometime.

Oh and my Brownie! 

Isn't he so cute? I loveee :)

So this may have been a sort of boring post for you guys... but I like what I've done. If you need something more inspiration-y ---- go down to yesterday's posts. Good stuff.

Back to this for me.

What are you up to today?

♥ Kenzie


  1. i love yourrrrr brownieeee:) i have one too, but dont know how to use it, lets go take brownie photos together sumtime please!!!!!

  2. Yes of course :) I miss you sweetie!