Tuesday, July 6

Finds from my grandma's closet

Wow! What great things I found today!

Loadsss of fabric and all so cute! I went through a *ton* of fabric and took all the cute ones.

These were my favorites that I found. I am *way* into florals right now.

Isn't this one so cute too?

And remember that tablecloth that I should of bought that I mentioned last post? This is close to it and I didn't have to pay $24! It's just fabric now but I think it will be a tablecloth soon... or something - any ideas?

Also I got a lot of quilting books {!!!} and this hat box but what's inside the box is so cool...

It's a sewing box!!

There's a little tray in the top that comes out to a bigger space underneath.

Inside, I found:
- a collection of old spools
- a cute pincushion
- an old leather needle book
- a bunch of thread
- so much other fun old sewing stuff

I love free stuff. Especially when it's so cute!

More posts later tonight:

- inspiration

- clean closets

- headband updates

♥ Kenzie

p.s. What's your favorite free stuff?

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