Saturday, July 24

Sorry bout the M.I.A. -ness...

Things have been pretty crazy around here. I got home and had to jump into yard sale mode - meaning - cleaning out closets, basements and attic spaces. Yikes. 

And now, I am heading off to Rhode Island on Monday. But -- good news! -- I will be bringing my laptop with me so there will still be lots of good posts coming your way! 

For now, since I have no photos of my new projects or fun finds from our clean out - there's a few good ones! - you'll have to deal with some cute inspiration I found this week. I'm sure you won't mind.

Two things I seemed to be obsessed with this week. Black and whites/old ads and house decor... 


loveee this one.

I really love old cars lately. 

{all above from FFFFOUND}

Apparently, America was obsessed with slugs at one time. I mean, I don't care, I just like the ad. :)

And of course, a little vintage kitchen love.

Ohhh Lucy... 

{all from Decor to Adore}

{all above from FFFFOUND}

Aren't they all so beautiful?

{above two from Apartment Therapy}
I have a thing for chocolate colored walls... maybe it's because of the chocolate part.

And who doesn't want a yellow door? I know I do.

{Above two from Imgfave}

I watched "Some Like it Hot" tonight. Such a cute movie with Marilyn... I'm still in love with "My Fair Lady" though. I need more black and whites to watch. I'm obsessed. Suggestions?

Oh and what are your favorite decor blogs/sites?

♥ Kenzie

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