Tuesday, October 25

Tea and Tell Tuesday :: White Chocolate Mocha

It was definitely a coffee kind of day folks. White chocolate mocha that is. And a pumpkin cream cheese muffin on the side sounds good too. The lunches of college students are always so healthy, are they not?

Midterms are in full swing around these parts and you can feel it in the air. Everyone is and has been, back in the RISD mode, working their little behinds off. Luckily for the textiles department, we have the best teachers ever and they decided to space out the midterm due dates, so that we're not all going crazy and not sleeping for full weeks at a time. (not kidding. This happens often.) Really, best teachers around. We love them.

But, nonetheless, coffee was a necessity today. It usually is at the beginning of the week. I always feel like coffee gives a nice comfy feeling when it starts getting chilly too. White chocolate mocha is probably my favorite warm drink from Starbucks, but, I must say that I still need to try the pumpkin spice latte. It looks delicious. That will be soon I promise!

What's your favorite Fall Starbucks treat?

♥ Kenzie

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  1. Hazelnut latte :). I'll be blogging about it soon haha. Ohhh coffee and midterms. They go together like peanut butter and jelly!