Thursday, February 24

Things I'm Lovin'

So ya know the "Lovely {random day of the week}" that I do every once in a while? Well, it started out that it was called "Lovely Tuesdays" partly because I really like Tuesdays for some reason and probably partly because I thought of the idea on a Tuesday. I'm super cool like that. 

So anyway, I'm gonna change things around a bit in my "Lovely _______" posts. This feature is now changing to "Things I'm Lovin'" because I'm terrible at sticking to schedules. This won't have a certain day and will *most likely* happen once a week along with a bunch of other random everyday posts of course. So, without further ado, this weeks list of things I'm lovin' :)

These ads by Mercedes Benz

Toy Robot Cufflinks BRASS Plated Metal Miniatures Retro Science Fiction Steampunk Cuff Links - ORIGINAL DESIGN from Cosmic Firefly Las Vegas

These toy robot cufflinks. So adorable.

Hermit Crab Friendly Shell n' Plant

This air plant in a hermit crab shell. How cute!

This photo. I need to make a little inspiration line. And a few boards for class...

Hope you all have had a lovely week! Friday tomorrow!

♥ Kenzie

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