Tuesday, February 22


Plexus No. 2: Convergence

I was checking out Design Sponge {because we all know, by now how much I love them} and they had these amazing photos up and I thought to myself - Self, these are brilliant and wonderful and they need to be shared!!

Plexus No. 2: Convergence

Plexus No. 2: Convergence

So, I read about these beautiful photos and they are installation pieces done by an fiber artist named Gabriel Dawe. They are so incredibly wonderful! 

Plexus No. 2: Convergence

Eye (for Transitice Pairings)

I love installations that make you just stand in amazement that a human could produce such an awe provoking piece of work. I can not even imagine what it would be like to see them in person when I feel so amazed by them through photos!

Have a great Tuesday!

♥ Kenzie

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