Friday, June 18

What a mess...

Sorry for the delay in a new post... my life is kind of a mess right now (as seen in the background of the above photo). I'm trying to clean up my bathroom, hallway and room as tonight and tomorrow, we are having people over. I know my space doesn't reallyyy matter so much, but I need to do it sometime.

Along with cleaning up, I'm cleaning out. Which makes it that much better/harder. I have a love/hate relationship with garage sales. I love to buy, don't know about the selling part. We'll see. I decided a month or two ago that I need to do a clean sweep of *all* the stuff I have. There's just too much.

And here I am, in the midst of my mess, tossing things left and right. Whew.

If I'm not back for a few days, I apologize. I am still working on projects and I will have updates soon. But hopefully, by next post, I won't still be buried somewhere in what I call a bedroom.

♥ Kenzie

1 comment:

  1. i wanna buy your stuff, i love them all!!!:) if u make a box full of the stuff u dont want and u think i would like, then i'll buy them when school starts!!!! <3 because i want sth once belong to my dearest Kenz after graduation! i want to keep them with me everywhere!!