Sunday, June 27


I'm working on things now and in a couple hours, there will be a little update :)

I've decided not to start working on some other projects now as I realized I have to run to Michael's or JoAnn's for some materials tomorrow. But they will remain secret until I get some done. And then there will be a *big* update on that.

But until my later post tonight, here is some fun stuff I've found:

I love this photo. I just recently took a little roadtrip with some wonderful friends and it was great. I will need to make some time for more roadtrips this summer as I love them so much.

I have wanted to make a map like this for *so* long. Soon.


*These* earringsss! I loveee them!!

Someday I *will* find a field full of yellow flowers that seems to go on forever.
{All above images from}

Also, I found this artist ::Louis Reith:: on this cute blog>> Little Paper Planes

Go check him out, this is not the only simply wonderful print on there.

{I got a new phone too!} I haven't had a new phone in almost 3 years. And I've fallen in love. (sorry old phone -- I still love you!)

That's all for right now. Check back later -- lots of posts tonight to make up for my busy-ness this past weekend.

♥ Kenzie

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