Tuesday, June 15

50th Post!

I know... it's not *that* many, but it's a lot for me :) I'll have a blog party for the 100th of course!

So I have some projects to show you and some thrifting finds like I said I would post... yesterday - oops! Well they are here finally! And there is a *lot* of pictures!!

Projects first:
I started experimenting with ideas today as I am doing some craft shows in July -- my first ones!! {any tips would be wonderful!} So I started playing with things I already have in my art closet.

And I made this tote bag. I really like how it came out so I think I'm going to make a few more.

That little guy is really gold... my lighting wasn't as good as I'd like it to be.

I also made a loom! I've been wanting to make one for a while and I'm going to experiment with sizes. And here it is... so easy.

And with my loom, I spent the day relaxing in the sun making this.

You can wear it this way too... I kind of like it better :)

On to thrifting finds! Let's start with the wallpaper:

Love this one {This is not a link, but I don't know why it's underlining...}

This is probably my favorite find. It's so cute!

I found this in Providence last November, but I love it so much and never posted it.

Fun maps - not sure what I'm going to do with them yet, but I have some ideas...

pretty scarf

cute little girl's dress. I have no one to give it to, but I couldn't walk away.
little case

beauuuutiful doily - I think I might frame it!
And this little yellow thermos that found it's way into my bathroom.

Speaking of bathroom, I've been reorganizing/cleaning out - cute no?

And this is my hall closet middle two shelves look good...

... hallway, not so much. It'll get there, but there's lots of work to be done. My room is next! *sigh*

Anyway - I hope you enjoyed! I'll be here, weaving away and planning for these shows!

Have a good night!

♥ Kenzie

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  1. love the tote bag btw, want one as well!!!<3