Monday, March 21


So, I *swear* I was just about to post about how you all should go over and get some Sugar if you haven't yet {And I'm talking Sunday Morning Sugar here people - I'm over there for March sponsoring her blog} And then Malori goes and be's all cute and stuff.  {Yeah, yeah so be's not a word..} I mean, how can she not be? Just look at that photo! Adorbes.

Photo 1157

She got a Stylish Blogger Award {Yay! Congratulations!} from Crissy, who I very much need to go say hello to, and then she passed it to me! Ah! 

Thank you thank you Malori! You're the sweetest!

So the rules are: 

>> Thank the person that gave you the award: check.
>> Share seven things about yourself: half-check. {I'm working on a post with all this good stuff! But I'll write a couple...}
>> Pass the award on to other bloggers and tell them you did: check.

A *couple* things to share {as I don't want to *completely* ruin my post}: 

- I have had many minor injuries and continue to get them. {have a sprained/twisted ankle right now} Never anything broken *knock on wood* but sprains, twists, falls, stitches, gross stuff that no one wants to hear about... etc. 

- Every time I do hurt myself, I usually crack jokes. I'm not sure when this started, but I've been doing it for a few years at least. I'll be crying and trying to make people laugh at the same time. I don't know... I'm crazy...

- I'm very much obsessed with Glee. And Puck {especially}.  It's what I wish my world was like. Minus the high school drama. So basically, I wish my life was a musical. Always have. 

Sooo bloggers who I'd love to pass the award to:

**drum roll please**

Kirsten (@) Studs and Pearls
Sydney (@) The Daybook
Ramsey (@) Love, Ramsey

I read all three of these a lot. Love these girls. :)

Many thanks again to Malori! You're awesome sweetie!

Hope you guys have an awesome Monday!
♥ Kenzie


  1. Thank you! Super sweetness doll!

  2. oh my gosh stop it. This made me blush like crazy. You're so sweet :)!

  3. :)