Thursday, March 31

Awkward and Awesome Thursdayssss

How bout that for an awkward photo huh? I. rock.

   - Flat tire 40 minutes into my 6 hour drive home for Spring Break. And the fact that I'm driving and I say to myself - Self, why is the car vibrating? Car! Why are you vibrating more!? What's going on!?!
   - My phone shutting off in the *middle* of phone calls. Cool phone. Classy.
  - The tax lady telling me that I should design curtains because she can't find any she likes. Just nod politely self. 
   - Walking into tax office with lots of people there. Everything's really open. I'm confused. Here's the convo that I had. "Can I help you?" "Yes, I need the income tax office." "Okay. Do you have an appointment?" "Yes. Is this the right place?" I had no idea. 
   - The taxidermist on main street. Right next to the hardware store. Oh small towns. {Not my town. But could be. It's close.}
   - The man that asked me if my car was a 4 cylinder or 6 cylinder. I just laughed. And he said, "... okay. Never mind." 
   - The {obvious} amount of times I've been to the auto shop this week. 
   - Spring break. Getting lots done but very relaxed. Loving it. 
   - The big comfy sweater I bought at H&M for $15 yesterday. I'm wearing it up there {in the photo} and even though you can't see the whole thing, know that it's wonderful. And big. And comfy.
   - How long my hair is getting. Holy mackerel. 
   - The new features I have coming. I know I keep talking about this {or maybe it's just me talking in my head} but it's coming I swear! April is the month! 
   - April is my birthday month!!! That's right. It not only means fun things. It means SUPER fun things. Like. Whoa. 

Happy awkward and awesome-ness!
Tell me about yours!

♥ Kenzie

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